Michael Giannulis

You should not feel too overwhelmed with events happening around you. There are specific tips that can help you stay satisfied, even if there is a crisis occurring and causing negative impacts. Try to emphasize more on positive things and less on stress to help overcome any situation.

Although you may be surrounded by stress, you can still lift your mood through various proactive steps. By studying the science of emotions, you will then be able to understand the complexities of them. People seem to get even more stressed due to emotional imbalance or the matter of economic instability. It is very normal to feel overwhelmed by the imbalance of the present state of affairs. However, you have to try to keep your mind stable and thoughts positive. 

Listed below are some tips that can help you stay happy during the current crisis or any others.

Mike Giannulis advises to keep yourself distracted

Do not overemphasize the topic that causes you stress. Overthinking on any subject can lead to stress. It is advisable to avoid ruminating over any stressful event by keeping yourself distracted. By keeping yourself distracted from a stressful event, you are also helping your health by keeping regular blood pressure. 

Opt for meditation

It would help to remember that meditation is something that might not work for everybody. For some, mindfulness activities greatly help them from getting distracted by stressful events. Others may have to undertake guidance from experts to carry out the procedure. Either way, if you effectively carry out mindfulness activities with the proper technique it can help to de-stress your mind, states Mike Giannulis

Reframe your expectations from a particular situation

Often, perfectionists set up high expectations for themselves or for a specific condition that, in the case of failure, they feel shame and guilt in. To prevent stress from disappointment in the case of failure, it is indispensable that you try not to have high expectations for everything. You should not focus on winning, but instead, focus on giving your best in any situation.

Instead of focusing on things you cannot control and becoming anxious, you need to focus on the things that are under your control.

Do not get obsessive with staying happy

It’s best if you do not become self-centered, thinking only about your happiness. There are many instances where people focus on their own joy and not on the pleasure of the people around them.

Doing this tends to develop feelings of disconnection and isolation. You should not overemphasize staying happy during stressful times because it could lead to excess stress. It is quite normal to feel unhappy when surrounded by stress, so try not to get too upset.

Balance your time on social media

You should not spend an enormous amount of time on social media. Social media may in fact bring in a lot of stress at times. Balancing social media consumption can help you balance the negative impacts social media has on your life. Using your spare time to organize your house can help keep your mind in place. A clean environment can also help you de-stress your mind.