Michael Giannulis

Staying healthy and positive are the only two remedies to fight any crisis. During this disturbing ambiance, the most crucial thing is not losing mental health. The number of people that have mental illnesses hikes up during a crisis. 

There is a specific difference between a person who thinks positively and a mentally ill person who finds negativity in everything. Staying positive is not something that’s easy to achieve but is also not that difficult. All you have to do to stay happy and healthy is to follow a few simple tips. 

Tips on staying positive to win over the crisis by Michael Giannulis

Having a positive mindset will help you, not only in an emergency but in any problematic situation of your life. You gain a clear picture and are able to deal with the problem strategically. All you have to do is follow some simple steps which are listed below.

  • Limit your news resources. Mike Giannulis suggests that you should stick to just one or, at the most, two channels of news. This can be social media, television news, or societal news. Do not focus your attention on too many sources. This might distract your mind by having to filter and extract the information. Also, it is important to avoid watching the same news over and over again, as it may create apathy. 
  • Remind yourself of past experiences where you emerged victorious in various crises. Recall how the economy recovered from the past depression. This will help you gain strength and vitality. You can now deal with the situation with renewed energy. This can also help you decide on the path you need to resort to for coping with any traumatic situation.
  • Try to divert your thoughts from sad feelings. This may be achieved by indulging in different activities with friends and family. Indulge in your hobby such as yoga, exercise, dancing, or cooking with your family. When you are engaged in different activities, you are also staying occupied. All this will help you kill time. Such activates may also help you understand the importance of family members. In your free time trying to build a strong bond with all the members in your family. 
  • Watch funny videos and shows. Spend time with family by watching different comedy-based talk shows. You can create a happy, festive ambiance worth a million bucks. This serves two purposes, it eases your mind and helps you spend time with near and dear ones. 

How you can plan your finances during uncertainty

Use the time during a crisis to plan your finances. You can decide between two things, needs and wants. Focus on spending money only on essential material while saving money for future use. By preserving cash, you can get a great sense of relief. Financial stability is critical in times of crisis. If you fall short on money, you can automatically go into depression, creating challenges for you to stay positive. 

Staying positive can be achieved by the different means discussed above. All you have to do is choose the most appropriate one for yourself. Keep in mind that if you think constructively, you will end up feeling good.