Michael Walding started his bodybuilding career when he was 19 years old. By 25, he was a professional. Becoming a professional bodybuilder didn’t come easy. In this article we go over some obstacles he faced and a few success tips he gave us! 


“As the oldest of 3 siblings and growing up in a middle-class home, I had to navigate my own path to success.” As he continued, Michael tells us, “I have always been a dreamer and one to “think outside the box” more than anything. This created some pushback and negativity from people close to me because they didn’t understand my way of thinking.” Michael added.

Overcoming Obstacles

Michael had to break himself away from people who wanted to bring him down or doubted him. He instead surrounded himself with people willing to think big and take massive action. This helped him get closer to living up to his potential. Also, the mindset he employed was to just stay hungry and motivated. By applying this to all areas of his life, and he attests that he has seen his efficiency go up, and remain high. 

Secondly, when dealing with obstacles, staying focused is essential. Many businesses fail because of the obstacles they face. However, the businesses that thrive also face similar obstacles or, at times, harder and more challenging obstacles, but they never give up and fold to the pressure the obstacles bring. They push on until an opportunity arrises for them to pass through.

Health and Fitness

“Someone like me obviously needs to be healthy and fit. This is directly proportional to proper nutrition.” Said, Michael. “The pain endured and long term discipline required to be a professional bodybuilder puts me in a position to succeed at this.” He continued.

“Good sleep is important not only to your body but also to your brain. If you sleep well and enough, you’ll be able to maintain focus and discipline.”

In the same interview, Michael shared how he avoids stressful days and burnouts during his work.


Michael advised people to be taking breaks and enjoy the time they are away from work and unplug. He also said that he ensures that he keeps up with his workout routine. “I also take time with my family and friends and enjoy the parts of life that are the reason I built an online business.”

Michael has maintained a successful habit, which he was adamant was one of the cornerstones of his success, both physically and in business. 

Having A Routine

“Set and establish a routine and stick to it no matter the circumstances. That helps you in being disciplined. Additionally, it saves a lot of time because you do not waste time thinking about the next task,” Michael concludes. 


  • Johnny Medina

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