Style and health magazines commonly feature celebrity morning routines for a reason. It is a known fact that a daily morning routine is often practiced religiously by successful people. But what about your end-of-the-day method and its importance?

Michael Wiener, Albuquerque, New Mexico entrepreneur, is familiar with a busy daily schedule. When it comes to routines, Mr. Wiener thinks sticking to an evening routine is just as crucial if not more than practicing a morning process. Below, he discusses why your end-of-the-day routine deserves priority and how to find the right one for you.   

Daily Reflection

While your morning routine might get you ready and prepared for what the day holds, your evening routine allows you to take a moment to reflect on the events of the day that you lived. During your daily reflection, you take a look at how you reacted to situations during the day, see areas in which you can grow, and have an overview of your accomplishments. Upon conclusion, you can set a list of your three absolutes that you must get done the next day. 

Plan for Tomorrow

Taking the time to plan for the next day during your evening wind-down will only permit for fluidity during the week. After you have written down your three absolutes for the following day, record five to seven small goals you would like to complete if there is time left in the day. This list can be ongoing and flexible, depending on what a new day could unexpectedly bring to the table. 


When you generate a constant closure to your workday, it opens the door to establishing a healthy work-life balance. If you have a family, consider concluding your workday at the office or during the drive home before spending time with your loved ones. That will help trigger your “off switch” to any work anxieties. There are also other ways to finalize your work thoughts, such as journaling when you first come home from work, before bed, or before leaving the office.

You must give yourself the necessary time at the end of the day for some self-help. Whether that it is a walk outside, meditation, a short exercise, or cooking a healthy dinner, do what is going to set yourself up for success to rejuvenate lost energy. 

Preparation for Sleep

Having a solid evening routine helps create a more reliable and comfortable morning process, and a vital part of that success is good sleep. Wind down your day and generate uninterrupted sleep through methods such as starting a book and reading before you go to bed. Do not set a goal or try and read a chapter a night. Simply allow yourself to read until you cannot keep your eyes open, and sleep overtakes you.

Make your schedule fit what works best for you. You might have to try several different practices until you find your most effective routine. 

Here is an example of a proactive routine to consider:

5:00 pm: Conclude work and write three down goals to achieve tomorrow

6:00 pm: Prepare dinner

7:30 pm: Select and set out clothes for the next day

8:00 pm: Yoga or light stretching

9:00 pm: Shower

9:30 pm: Read in bed

10:00 pm: Bedtime

About Michael Wiener

Michael Wiener of Albuquerque New Mexico is a license plate collector, researcher, and consultant who is considered one of America’s leading authorities in the field of automobile license plates and motor vehicle licensing systems. Additionally, Mr. Wiener was the editor of The License Plate Book for over a decade and created New Mexico’s Diamond Jubilee 75th Anniversary commemorative official front license plate series. He is a 47-year ALPCA member and twice its President with an extensive license plate collection consisting of well-over 100,000 antique license plates.