Michal Miodonski born in Poland, 1979, now living in the United Kingdom says “We’re being bombarded by technological consumption, screens, social media, news headlines, by connecting with others, we are losing connection with ourselves”. Today Michal uncovers 3 steps to successfully change your life and career today – maintaining health and joy, controlling our 21st-century distractions, and he’s the definition of qualified to do so. 

Here’s why: 

In the year of 84’ making Michal Miodonski 5 years old, gearing up for his first day of school, he asked his dad if he could go to a school where he could learn about and take part in sports. His father listened and did just that, kicking off Michal’s illustrious coaching career.

After the obligatory school years, Michal went on to study sports at the Academy of Sports Education, he also delved into yoga, mediation, nutrition, and human behavior. 

These studies in the academy and at home, led to Michal qualifying as a chiropractor, specializing in back therapy through the YuMeiHoⓇ Institute, the world-renowned Japanese back, and movement therapy system. However, due to Michal’s passion for sports since the age of 5, he decided to leave the profession and become a PE teacher and sports instructor across primary and secondary schools, then colleges, then business universities. 

Long story short, he’s been around the block, and picked up bag loads of experience.

Michal is still in Poland at this point, but on 26/07/2005 he landed in the United Kingdom, Liverpool airport, before heading to a small town in North Wales, Sidenote: I’m from South Wales and haven’t been to the North, however, my parents and now Michal say it’s beautiful. Why the move? Michal says it was to become a residential support worker in a care home for children.  

12 months later he would go back to his sports roots and remain there for 5 years as a personal trainer implementing his knowledge from the academy, his chiropractor profession, and the relationship-building / nurturing skills he gained from the residential work building a successful PT business.  

Then, Michal made the move to the financial capital of the world, London, setting up a new company, investing in and completing several accredited courses to begin his life coaching career. Michal is now an NLP practitioner and advanced practitioner of clinical hypnosis

Continuing with the YuMeiHoⓇ institute. After the launch of his company, and the solidification of his clientele, Michal became a dad of his son Adam and became a full-time home educating dad that he enjoys and continues successfully.

Michal works with those who are on the verge of life-changing events, events that often lead to us adjusting to them, sometimes causing us to skip out tasks important to us, going to the gym, walking the dog, seeing family, hobbies and instead of going with the flow, create an environment despite the uncontrollable events in life to bring joy, happiness and continue to accomplish what is important to you. He does this with small business owners, clientele who are stressed and angry, athletes, a vast roster of clients. 

Hopefully, that painted the picture of Michals’s life, career changes, and reasons behind the changes, allowing you to take his advice seriously. 

Here’s the 3 steps to successfully change your life and career today – maintaining health and joy in the words of Michal Miodonski:

Step 1: Create a blueprint for a new life. 

Start with discovering your true purpose, find something that makes you want to get out of bed and do your job. It’s your life mission – your brand! Knowing what to do understands the roles you play in different situations and for different people. Finally, create a written plan of how you want to get from here to there. 

Step 2: Learning the necessary skills you are going to need. 

Having a plan is the first step. Now it’s time to acquire personal and professional skills that are necessary. Of course, you need to become an expert in what you are doing and how you are living. That is why you need to practice what you have learned. 

Step 3: Become a master personally and professionally. 

Now it’s time to do things right. Becoming a master of your own emotions and your mind. That will help you to become a master in placing events on the timeline of your success. It’s a step, when you start to see the impact you have on your family, friends, clients, and perhaps on the whole society!

Want to build the mindset of a champion? You can speak with Michal where he’s most active on his Linkedin, however, you can find him on his Instagram and Facebook if that’s better for you.