A nighttime ritual I have been implementing for over 4 months now not only helped me sleep better but wake up more energized. It has really helped me take on the day with inspired actions whereas before, I would make up anxious and feeling like everything was a priority and I didn’t know where to start leaving me feeling paralyzed from taking action. As business owners, we have many moving pieces in our business and we wear many hats. So what I started to do was elevate myself at the end of the night. I asked myself these 4 questions.
1. How did I feel for most of the day?
2. What repeated thoughts did I have?
3. What am I no longer available for/ no longer tolerate?
4. How can I be better tomorrow?

This helped me see my thought patterns and any limiting beliefs I was holding up to that I have been completely unaware of.

Thomas Edison famously said, “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.”This is the second ritual I started to practice. What this means is giving your subconscious mind a problem to solve while sleeping. Similar to when a solution to a problem pops into your head when you weren’t thinking about it.

Before going to bed, think about what you want to accomplish. View it from many different aspects and viewpoints of what’s possible and ask yourself questions about it. In Edison’s words, make some “requests.” Be specific in framing your requests, as this will lead to clear answers. Write them down and allow your mind to get to work.

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