Milad Hatam Abadi

Milad Hatam Abadi (born October 14, 1996 in Tehran) is an Iranian comedian active in social networks. He has managed to attract many fans over the years at Instagram. If you look at the Instagram Explorer, you’ll definitely see the awesome videos from him.

You can see the short clips of Milad Hatam Abadi on his instagram page. The characters and challenges of the Milad are very interesting for many people and are heavily followed by their videos

Type of work carried out by Milad Hatam Abadi:

Most of hatamabadi performances are based on improvisation satire and spontaneously making subjects in a way that almost all of the humorous contents are created during the program. Improvisation plays an effect role in making the performance believable and since a public aspect is given to the show, it would be comprehended by the audience easier

Improvisation satire is not based on performing the comedy based on written notes, but it is raised from an especial Iranian comedy technique, which is based on considering all subjects. Improviser’s mind must be equipped by a sufficient number of humorous subjects, jokes, satires and humors so that by making use of them, his creative mind and his personal taste, he would be able to simultaneously carry out the performance and do the storytelling. Improvisation is considered as one of the strengths of the Iranian stand-up comedian and presenter, which is also frequently seen in the performance of global comedians