It’s not easy having a band in a time of a global pandemic. With most gigs being canceled, lots of young, prospective bands have fallen on hard times. Yet, there are some bands, like Milou Sky, that have managed to adapt to this new situation. Milou Sky is a high energy pop/rock band from Pennsylvania, composed of four young men who are not just musicians, but also social media influencers who help other artists gain exposure through tips and shoutouts. 

Who are Milou Sky?

Formerly known as The Reasons, Milou Sky is a four-piece band formed in Reading Pennsylvania two years ago. Originally, the band was composed of Ryan Beckett (lead vocals, lead guitar), Liam Meadowcroft (vocals, rhythm guitar), and Zach Ninfo (drums) but later they added a fourth member to the group, Nolan Meadowcroft (bass guitar). After meeting a Grammy award-winning producer Robert Cutarella who has worked with Eric Clapton, The Police, and Keith Richards, the band finally had all the help they needed to release their debut single “Compromise” on January 24th, 2020. Influenced by classic rock and roll (especially “The Beatles”), the band has mashed together several different styles to develop their own, unique sound. The band’s leading vocalist, Ryan Beckett stated:

“It’s important to listen to a lot of different music because it can influence what you write. We’re inspired by the music we like, and we feed off of what we hear to create our own songs and sound.”

The band kept on working, even during the pandemic

It wasn’t easy for Milou Sky, a young prospective band, to spend months in a lockdown caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, everyone had to do it, so, just like the others, Milou Sky had to adapt. Despite having most of their lined-up gigs canceled, they spent the lockdown writing new material and rehearsing in order to stay in shape. What’s more important, they learned how important it is to use social media in order to survive as artists during the coronavirus pandemic. Ryan Beckett said:

“I think it’s important to really just use your account to communicate with fans since there are no large gatherings, it is important to regularly post more home recordings. Social media is definitely the way we communicate with our fans, it also gives our fans a chance to message us and comment on our posts so we know how they feel about us.”

Milou Sky was also staying in touch with other bands during the lockdown. They continued exchanging experiences with their colleagues and building new relationships.

Milou Sky is a band of influencers

Besides being a band that has nearly two million streams on Soundcloud and over 100,000 followers on Instagram, Milou Sky has found another way to ensure a bright future. They became a band of influencers. Through their accounts, they give a “helping hand” to new, up-and-coming artists by giving them shoutouts. And, as it turned out, this works both ways because all of these artists are giving shoutouts to Milou Sky as well. By sticking together, even in these dire times, Milou Sky and their new online friends have formed a strong relationship by helping each other to expand their areas of influence. 

The plans for the future

Right now, the band is focused on rehearsing, composing new songs, and successfully managing social media. According to Ryan Beckett, the band’s fans can expect more music and more updates on current events related to Milou Sky in the near future. Their goal is to release more tracks in the summer. When asked “How do you see your music and the band evolving in the future?” Ryan Beckett answered:

“We tend to change our sound without thinking about it, we just naturally grow as people and the music grows with it.”