My favorite Christmas Day photo features me and a cast of girlfriends celebrating a life abundant with our favorite things:

· Sunny weather
· Puppy dogs
· Pool days
· Mimosas
· Friends we love like family

What’s not pictured here is all the bad-assery each of these women have put into creating this kind of life for themselves.

  • They slay all day (and nights) to run their own businesses.
  • They fully nurture their relationships and families.
  • They strive to take on adventurous challenges, such as surfing, traveling, exploring, or learning new skills in business or sport.

They sought out a life they wanted and work damn hard every day to live it.

I’m not saying that we don’t struggle. Some days the rain pours down so hard and drowns out all the things in life we’re trying to make grow. This happens constantly.

But we all keep our eye on the prize. We daily keep our mindset focused on how we want our life to be. We learn how to handle ourselves when life sucker-punches us, and which way to pivot our efforts.

We exercise. We play. We talk about it. We cry. We go back to work and try again.

It’s a constant practice.

Is it tough to keep focusing on the good, and doing the gritty inner work to create our ideal outer life?


But we do it because we KNOW when we take care of ourselves, then the other parts of our life come within our reach much more easily.

We’ll get to enjoy those sunny, pool days sipping on mimosas because we will have crafted this life with intention, and put in the work to make it real.


Does this sound like a motivational and driven environment you want to be a part of?

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~ Christy

Christy Nichols, Professional Development Facilitator | Leadership Training Expert | Purposeful Travel Advocate | CEO at Venture Within