Lines that divide don’t start outside. They start within each of us.

Symbols of solidarity – protests, social posts, signs – last for a moment but fade into collective memory.

Mindful solidarity acknowledges that what threatens you, threatens me. What you face, is my fight too. This is what will change a nation’s psyche from the inside out.

The American inheritance of misguided mindsets, antiquated prejudices, broken systems and gross injustice in the scales of power has to go.

Together we rise to say it’s not our future. And it doesn’t have to be America’s future. A new generation is standing up for change.

When we realize the struggle is not against each other we are free to unite.  When we live to stand for each other, we come alive.

It’s time for a new America not built on us versus them. It’s time for a system that says no to inequality and a people that live it out.

It’s time to bravely and consistently demand freedom from injustice and truth from those in power.

Politics, locally and nationally, can no longer hide their corruption. We must hold our democracy accountable. A compromise by one of us is a compromise against all of us.

You are my brother, my sister, my father, my mother. When we see each other as we truly are, we must act. We must do whatever it is that we can do. Each of us is responsible for questioning our beliefs, evaluating our contribution to suffering, and acknowledging our silence in the face of past injustice.

Do what it is that only you can do. Do the internal work necessary for external change.

A harmonious new America is being birthed through discomfort and pain. We are ready for her.

The America of no-labels that divide. The America that says we are in this as one people laboring for a better future together. 

All voices matter and the time to listen is now. Those who’ve been suppressed have cried far too long.

Give all of your brothers and sisters their voice. A nation cannot heal when one soul is silenced. Raise your voice alongside every other and know that together we will evolve as one people, indivisible. 


  • Lindsey Fisher

    Entrepreneur, Founder, and Mindfulness Teacher

    Aero Interactive

    Lindsey is an entrepreneur, product designer and mindfulness teacher. She consults with international businesses, NGOs and startups to drive positive change. She has supported partners such as GE, Stanley Security, Samsung, Klipsch, U.S. Department of State and Eli Lilly through compelling human-centered user experience design with a focus on data-driven websites, portals, platforms, web applications and mobile applications. She is currently pursuing a certification in Mindfulness Meditation at The Greater Good Science Center of UC Berkeley and exploring ways to create more peaceful, open communities.