Days are moving fast, and life is moving faster. We are working endlessly to meet expectations at work while prioritizing personal obligations. It is no wonder we are exhausted, tired, and burnt out.

If you are like me, my brain is always “on” from doing one task to another, while my body feels the impact of lethargy. Even the weekends have been feeling less of a weekend and more of a work-week extension. Can you relate?

In an ideal world, our workspace would cultivate tranquility and calm while allowing us to be stress-free effortlessly. From full-time caregivers to investment bankers, we all need a mental detox to ensure our drive, passion, and performance remain intact.

A company that is leading a premiere wellness program is Fidelity Investments. Their system, Well for Life features numerous resources, including healthy dining, fitness centers, health and wellness centers, mindfulness meditation calls, free health screenings and wellness fairs. The programs include comprehensive health care plans, Health Savings Accounts, and additional resources to help associates and their families lead well-balanced and healthy lives.

This is great, right? But you may be thinking; my company does not have that program, so now what?

If this is the case for you, below are some tips that may help instill increased tranquility at the workplace and home.

  • In the morning use your mind for moments of gratitude while journaling your thoughts and emotions. Do not glance at work e-mail or even Facebook. Enjoy a few moments of quiet and solitude.
  • If time permits, walk to work, and skip the elevator and take the stairs. This small act gets your body regulated and the juices flowing.
  • Tap into a guided meditation, affirmation or calming music on the way to work and during your breaks.
  • Leave your desk during the lunch hour. Take a brisk walk and eat a healthy lunch filled with greens while listening to an inspiring podcast.
  • At all costs, avoid workplace place drama and remain focused on your goals and good energy.
  • If you have essential oils, invest in a small diffuser to keep in your office or on your desk while also applying oils to your wrists. Aromatherapy will help support you throughout the day and bring you a sense of calm.
  • Drink water, all day, and every day. Water has the magic power to reduce stress and keep the mind in focus.

Starting today, implement some or all of these changes into your daily work and home routine. You have nothing to lose, so give it a try! Till then, recommend to your current employer about starting a wellness program. Happier employees may create a healthier company.

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