A big part of business success nowadays is dependent on having the right mindset. More and more business owners realize that the right mentorship is essential for their business to succeed. 

Marc Jospitre is an expert in disruptive mindset and a sales trainer from Canada who helps his clients make six and seven figures a year. He started in the world of sales, where he successfully rose to the top, but only for brief moments of time. He knew he was capable of much more and consistent results and so decided to look for mentorship.

“I discovered Bob Proctor in the movie ‘The Secret’ in 2006. I bought my first program with Bob and studied the old classics of human potential like ‘Think and Grow Rich’.” Marc shares.

In 2015, Bob Proctor invited Marc to join his company and become a consultant with them. Marc is now one of the top consultants in his industry, having the ability to live wherever he wants while doing what he loves. 

Marc runs Marc Jospitre Consulting, a business which helps clients make seven figures income without the grind and hustle but instead, with ease and grace. His teaching is based on a methodology which can be learned, studied and applied in order to create lasting success with massive results.

“During the time my clients train with me they learn how to disrupt their mindset in order to achieve massive results.” Marc says.

Marc believes that the biggest challenge when starting a business is client acquisition. When he was first starting in public speaking about disruptive mindset and self growth, only people he knew personally would attend his conferences and talks. But these were the hardest to convince.

“This is why passion and dedication to your business is so important because there will always be people with criticism and negativity, even in your surroundings. You have to keep going.” Marc insists.

In addition, Marc also thinks that mindset is everything. He believes that if someone starts their business with doubt and limiting beliefs, it is unlikely they will succeed. The process of starting a business has to follow Thomas Troward’s quote: “Entering into the spirit of it”. People without the right mindset, that is, without entering into the spirit of their business, will struggle, and so will their business.

Marc also lived in Mexico for 17 years, which gives him a broad understanding of Latin American culture. There, he had a radio program (Marc Jospitre Live: interviews and music) in Los Cabos, Mexico, where he interviewed multiple celebrities. He interviewed tennis star Tomas Berdych at the ATP Los Cabos Open, for example. 

After years of diverse experience, being fluent in English, French and Spanish, working as a mindset and sales trainer and opening his own consultancy, Marc’s advice to those starting their own business is to make sure that they are doing something they absolutely love. 

“Do not start a business just to earn money. The passion for your business will help you go through the rougher times and overcome obstacles.” Marc advises.

Furthermore, Marc sees fear as “false evidence appearing real”, which is why it should not stop or paralyze anyone. For him, fear means going in the right direction.

“It means I am growing because I am doing something I haven’t done before which is necessary in order to create new results,” Marc says

Marc’s next projects include an eight week sales course he is launching before Christmas called “The Richest Salesperson.” The course will teach how to sell using emotional intelligence. The participants will learn how to bypass logic and have their prospects act on their own desire. This will make them a master in their field.

“Only exceptional salespeople understand how to open up the prospect to their own desires which ultimately makes prospects move into action. This is what I am teaching.” Marc says.

Also Marc wants to change the insurance business and create an impact at the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table). He is currently taking on 100 committed agents to train with him and bring them to the TOT (Top of the Table) by next June.

“I want to prove how powerful the material I am teaching is and that any agent who is committed to the study of the disrupted Mindset can become a top agent regardless of his current results,” Marc says.

Marc will also continue his major keynote speaking engagements, aiming to join other greats such as Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson. To follow his journey or learn more about disruptive mindset and unlimited possibilities, go here.


  • Sofia Vargas

    Senior Associate

    Now Strategies Group

    Sofia Vargas is a senior associate at Now Strategies Group, a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base include top class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.