As an entrepreneur and business leader it’s important to keep on top of your inner game, in order to maximize your outer results and rise continuously.

But it’s easier said than done, right? So here’s my 10 top tips to empower you to do just that!

Mindset tip #1: Make fear your driving force, not a barrier

Fear is a normal feeling that is going to come up time and time again. Use it in a way where it drives you forward with fire in your belly, rather than letting it put you in a place where you play negative mind games with yourself, which often leads to procrastinating and stagnation!

The mind is going to try and hold you back every time you uplevel in your business, so you’ve got to learn to bring fear on the journey with you! It’s especially going to come up when you are about to break through to that next level.

Mindset tip #2: Develop a morning routine

I want you to know that every successful person has a morning routine for a reason! You need to get up, get dressed and have some serious ‘ME’ time, so you are ready to tackle the day and have the energy to consistently uplevel your life!

Mindset tip #3: Don’t let the mind monsters have a party in your head

Your human! That means you are going to have negative self-talk from time to time, but it’s how you deal with it and how quickly you deal with it that matters! Learn to recognise the negative self-talk! If you don’t notice how you talk bad of yourself, it’s going to be hard to change it. Over the next week, notice how much negative talk you give yourself.

When you’ve done that, it will be easier to recognise when the mind monsters have arrived and then you can consciously decide not to have a party with them. You can do this in two ways; change your surroundings or reach out to someone that can understand and help you move forward.

Mindset tip #4: Stop playing the waiting game!

Don’t allow yourself not to start because you’re waiting for {insert the delay tactic of your choice}. Stop saying I’ll wait till… or I’m not doing this because…. and let go of perfectionism!

Mindset tip #5: Read and take action – you need to do both

Read EVERY SINGLE DAY! Successful people read every day, but you shouldn’t be reading more than you are taking action. Reading will help you keep learning and elevate you!

Mindset tip #6: It’s more than OK to say no

Know when to say enough is enough and NO! Look at your life and what’s happening. How are you spending your time? Is it draining you? Why are you doing it? Could you do less of it and more of something that actually revitalise you?

When you know your life values, it makes it easier to say NO and move through life in alignment, so make sure you get clear on what your life values are and act in alignment to those.

Mindset tip #7: Daily affirmations

If you want to thrive, you have to learn to shift your mind from the automatic negative state everyone’s brain defaults to. Your mind only wants to keep you safe and it believes it’s doing its job by keeping you stuck on the level you’re trying to move from. You’ve got to train it to go to thriving mode and one way to do this is by saying and writing daily affirmations.

Instead of the ‘I can’t’ statements you tell yourself; say and write the ‘I am’ statements every day until you believe them and even when you do believe them still keep repeating them!

Here’s a few…

I am beautiful
I am worthy
I am successful
I am blessed
I am innovative
I am creative
I am, I am I am!!!

Mindset tip #8: De-clutter

Sort out your surroundings at least every 6 six months! If you’re holding onto things, then STOP, because it will impact negatively on your mind! Spring clean and get rid of things you haven’t used in the past year! Make room for new abundance and more greatness in your life! Holding onto things only clogs your mind and your ability to be creative and do what you love!

Mindset tip #9: Be prepared to do the deep inner work

Be prepared to do the inner work on your journey through life, so you can grow and be stretched to step fully into your power! Have someone to support you with what’s going on in your mind AND someone that will empower you to take massive aligned action, because your thoughts can rise up and take over!

Mindset tip #10: Keep on top of the simple things (the things that really aren’t that simple)!

To ensure you thrive, you’ve got to keep on top of the mindset work! Mindset work sounds simple, and it is when it’s a habit like brushing your teeth, but if it’s not create yourself a checklist of the things you know you should do every day to keep your mindset on point and then do them, and continue to do the inner self-development work so you continue to rise!

Good vibes always,

Dr. Tilean xoxo