How do you approach learning something new? Do you get excited about it? Are you eager for more? Do you proactively pursue it, even when you don’t have to? Or does the idea of “school” stress you out? Oh, no. Here we go again. Good grief. Why can’t things just stay the same?

Chances are, you respond to training and education the same way you approach everything else in life. The focus might be different, but your habitual patterns of behavior, directed predominantly by the subconscious mind, tend to be consistent. As Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do.” Human beings are creatures of habit.

So, consider another question. How do you approach the day? When you wake up in the morning, how do you feel? Are you excited about the events to come? Do you look forward to the inevitable uncertainties with poise and confidence? Are you eager to get started? Or, do you dread it? What is your emotional guidance system telling you about your perception and subconscious programming? Are you in alignment with Source Energy – with Tao, with Chi, with Prana, with the life force flowing through all of us? Or, are you in a state of resistance?

Here is one quick way to tell. When we are in alignment with Source Energy, we feel great. We feel at peace. We feel at ease. We feel eager and enthusiastic and excited about whatever we are holding hold in mind – school, work, an important task, a relationship, a date, an exam. If this is not how you feel, you are in a mode of resistance. You are skeptical, anxious, nervous, doubtful and stressed. You are obstructing flow.

There are essentially two mutually exclusive thought-systems that human beings adopt throughout life. One is fear-based, also known as the ego or human nature. Most people are attached to this way of thinking, not even aware there is an alternative. The other thought system is spiritual, love-based, fearless and free. It offers a completely different way to experience life while on this planet. I refer to this as miracle-minded management.

The Miracle-Minded Manager™ sees the world very differently than through the lens of the ego, and as a result lives life in a very joyful, playful manner – much like a child does when he or she first arrives. Seeing himself as a spiritual being, eternal and free, the Miracle-Minded Manager™ approaches the day with love and peace and forgiveness. He complains about nothing, knowing that grief and negativity and misery draw like company. We know we are in the presence of a Miracle-Minded Manager™ when we feel light and optimistic and hopeful – no matter the circumstance. This enlightened one lights up everything around him. This awakened one brings new perspective and hope to everyone she meets. A shift has happened and the Miracle-Minded Manager™ now embodies genuine, authentic, pure love.

So, how does pure Love approach training and education? The same way she approaches everything else. With heart. With passion. With openness. With creativity. With a sincere interest in learning, applying and sharing new insights and ideas. In this thought system, there is no comparing. There is no ranking. There is no competition. There are no dualistic, us-them, win-lose, good-bad, right-wrong dichotomies. There is simply a field of energy that connects all of us as one. There is perfect harmony and balance, yin and yang, holding everything together. There is collaboration, cooperation and compassion. There is peace on earth – the stillness beyond the noise we hear. Always present. Always available to us. Yet hidden from most people because of resistance and denial. Out of mind because the ego thought system has no concept of true peace and love. The ego, being fear-based, has its own inaccurate definition of love – that is, lust – meaning it is temporary. It can be given and taken away. We can fall in and out of it. To the ego, peace is an external event, not an internal state of mind.

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) teaches that “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” True love is eternal. It is what we are made of. It cannot die. Our bodies are temporary. Our physical assets are temporary. Many of our relationships appear to be temporary. But at the level of the soul, we are all one. We are all connected by Source Energy. We are eternal beings, extending from Love.

Worried about tomorrow? Stressing over a homework assignment? Got the back to school blues? Take a moment to step back, reflect, and contemplate where this projection is coming from. The Miracle-Minded Manager™ knows that fear and doubt and stress are projections of an untrained mind. They are illusions, temporary and not real. They only feel real when we believe them. Got stress? Delete it, just like you would a faulty program or virus on your computer. There is a better way to live. It is called Faith.