This is Miriam today.

Reamone Stricklen was speeding over 80 miles an hour, or so the police estimate –when he hit my friend’s car with such force – that it skid off the street –  sideways – off Normandie – and onto the sidewalk – wrapping itself around a tree – from the impact.

One minute my friend Miriam was sitting behind the driver, at a red light, waiting for the light to turn green.  The next minute, Reamone came barreling Normandie, in Los Angeles, racing his friends, hitting the car directly in the driver’s side.

Her boyfriend’s stepfather would be dead the next minute. He was the driver and got the full impact of Reamone’s car.

The seatbelts did help – but being hit on the side of the car – with such force – at over 80 miles an hour –  caused severe brain injury – by the heads not being restrained.

Miriam’s skull dislocated from the blunt force she received.

She has a permanent brain injury, the lobe and cerebrum moved inside her skull – from the impact.

The shock of her head coming off her neck was reverberating thru out her body – but nothing prepared her for seeing the dead body of her boyfriends’ stepfather being taken by the paramedics from the car.  He had received most of the force.

Miriam started screaming.  And screaming.  Her boyfriend, was bleeding internally.  Her head hit his head and the force of that impact –  had injured his skull.  Her boyfriend’s mother was pinned inside the car – next to the tree and started screaming; seeing her husband’s lifeless body next to hers – was too much to bear.  She cried and cried, long after the police came and placed her in the ambulance. 

Reamone, according to the police report, had alcohol and marijuana in his system. A deadly mix – but his actions became malicious and corrupt when he decided to go racing down a city street – with no regard for who he hit – and killed someone. He left her boyfriend without a father.

Neither, Reamone, nor his racing friends, stopped to see if Miriam or anyone else in the car was ok.

His friends helped him flee the scene. 

The police were able to find him because he left his mother’s car, the car he borrowed for this street race, at the scene.

It was not driveable.

Reamone Stricklen was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. 

He was determined to do as little time as possible for this crime.  His lawyer instructed the court that Miriam’s testimony be stricken — that it was not needed.  

This one action – derailed Miriam’s visa papers to see her kids. 

Stricklen caused Miriam’s visa to be put on hold  – indefinitely – when his lawyer filed that paper –deleting Miriam from the vehicular manslaughter case.

Miriam had been working diligently to finish her paperwork –  but when she was hit by this driver, the pain, is so severe – that it caused her to stop all her plans. 

This is Miriam with her daughter – 19 years ago.
This is Miriam with her son – 19 years ago.

The physical pain is overwhelming.  Miriam has heart stopping migraines 3 times a week.  This pain has not diminished in 11 years since the accident occurred on November 25, 2007. 

She has been to see doctors and therapists – but her brain injury is permanent.

Miriam’s brain injury causes her to lose balance at times, an operation is too risky and she might be left paralyzed for life.

Miriam is a good mother and a friend to me. 

Each day she performs her job to the best of her ability.
But she works with a broken heart and a displaced soul.

Every day she has severe, gut wrenching pain.

What Miriam wants is to see her kids again.

I have located a lawyer that can re-process her paperwork and allow Miriam to finish her visa – and see her kids. 

It’s been 19 Christmases since she has seen her kids.  I am asking for any donation to help with the legal bill to restore her visa.

In Jesus name- we thank you.

We will do a You tube video – thanking everyone by name – who contributes.

I have created a Gofundme page to locate the funds  — that she needs to complete her visa paperwork – so can see her kids again.

Please share and contribute:

What you can do to help her brain injury:

There is no hope for Miriam in traditional medicine – so we are turning to God – for some relief from her brain injury – from the migraines.

Miriam has exhausted all medical / doctor efforts to heal her brain.

Miriam would like to go to the Healing Prayer Services at Lakewood Church – For Christmas.

There have been many people afflicted with serious injuries and cancer – that have attended this service and were healed – as Dodie Osteen was from cancer.

If You Can Help –

This is what we are asking for:

A plane ride from Los Angeles Area to Houston, Texas. For Miriam and I and a service dog.

A Hotel Room.

Some Vegan Food / restaurants

Thank you.

I have looked into other therapies – but – at this point in her injury – Only prayer can help.

Perhaps God can do – what doctors cannot do.