The Omani producer, Mohamed Al-Saadi, revealed the direction of senior Hollywood representatives to social networking sites as well as the famous video site YouTube in order to profit from it under the circumstances of the Coronavirus, especially that these sites achieve great profits for those who are in the midst of great profits in addition to important global fame.

Al-Saadi pointed out that the great actor Will Smith was one of the most accomplished American artists who fought in the midst of social media and created a series of channels for him on various social networking sites, “Facebook”, “Twitter”, Instagram , as well as TikTok , and he reached hundreds of millions of followers on various platforms, making profits. Fictional from all of these platforms.

Mohamed Al-Saadi expected that all international stars will follow in the footsteps of Will Smith in the coming period, especially those who suffer from the lack of cinematic works presented to them to compensate for their disappearance from people in cinemas due to the circumstances of the spread of the Coronavirus.

The Omani producer, Mohamed Al-Saadi, had expected in previous statements a significant decrease in the contracts of foreign actors in Hollywood in light of the current Corona crisis, surprising the insistence of some Hollywood stars on their fictional contracts that they stipulate in order to agree to participate in various cinematic works even despite the continuing Corona pandemic, Stressing that in the event that these demands for large numbers continue, the idea of using them will be completely excluded by the producers who want to compensate for their large losses in the period of the Coronavirus by producing works with small amounts and achieving large profits that compensate for the huge losses that were the title of all cinematic works in the past year 2020.

Producer Mohamed Al-Saadi had confirmed the existence of a trend among global producers to produce cartoon films known as “anime” in the coming period to provide global cinema with the business after its depression due to the Coronavirus.

Al-Saadi said that the reason why Hollywood producers tend to this type of business is due to the low production costs, especially the salaries of international actors if they agree to their participation in it, in addition to the producer’s ability to use new voices without affecting the success of the work, as the hero, in this case, will be a cartoon character.

It is expected that the current year 2021 will witness the largest appearance of cartoon films in light of the financial hardship that all the world’s producers are going through after the Coronavirus pandemic. More than 30 anime films are expected to be produced with the participation of major Hollywood stars who have suffered from lack of acting in light of the Coronavirus, as well as have also suffered from the losses of their films. Because it is not displayed in the cinema due to the conditions of closing the cinemas.