A professional digital-marketer and musician, Mohammed Rakib, have come a long way in his short life. His outstanding proficiency in marketing has made him continue his career for over 10 years now. He loves to help people learn about marketing and guide them through the journey, which has led him to publish several books on the subject.

Mohammed Rakib (born 01 February 1992), known mainly as a Digital-Marketer, is also a self-published Author and Musician. Earlier in his childhood, singing was one of his most beloved hobbies to nurture, and his passion for music led him to debut in a couple of music videos. On a significant part, this young musical artist has recently shown his artistry with his melodious voice in “,Rakib Love” which was initially composed by him.

In addition to his work as an author, he runs a successful online marketing company, which has helped many businesses increase their sales and boost their brand visibility through digital-marketing strategies such as (search-engine-optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click).

As an aspiring digital-marketer, author, and musician from Bangladesh, he has been working hard for the past few years to live up to all the expectations set by him. Nowadays, he’s well-known among youngsters for being an ambitious entrepreneur and musician who loves what he does!

Mohammed Rakib spends most of his time in Saudi Arabia , where he lives with his family, an integral part of this success story

His Popular Singing Debut in “Rakib Love”

Mohammed Rakib is a young Bangladeshi musician who has recently released his latest single,”Rakib Love,” which translates to “A Lover’s Fantasy.” The song revolves around the fantasy of a lover for his beloved to come into his life. As a composer, Mohammed Rakib wanted to interpret a lovers’ deep feelings through this song in an artistry manner.

So far, his song has received much popularity and support on social media and music platforms. This young musician has reached great success, and his popularity will only continue to grow because of his talent!

His production company caters exclusively to demanding clients who want a customized experience with their tunes. So if you want to work with him, then go ahead and reserve a meeting!

At the moment, Rakib has decided to publish his songs on Apple Music and Spotify. He plans to store them in all other international platforms, including iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Prime Video, Tidal Streamng Service & Deezer, because he believes this is the best solution given their current situation of the corona.

Final Words

Mohammed Rakib is a prime illustration of the efforts that an individual can make if desired. He started working on significant changes at an early age, proving just how successful one can be when one tries. We wish more people had this kind of attitude because it would lead us into a much brighter future!


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