“Complacency is the enemy of progress.”

American film producer, Dave Stutman

Oftentimes, individuals find themselves lacking motivation due to being content with their current state of living. Caveat made, a lot of people don’t mind living with this sense of security. During these pandemic times and lockdown, there has been a surplus of people lacking proper enthusiasm and have become couch-locked. Wasting time during this period is the worst possible activity you can take part in while we don’t have much already. I was too the same, until I started my own business.

As an independent contractor for the better part of 6 years, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur was not the last concept to stir around in my mind. It wasn’t simply because I was bored at home during lockdown, but I was tired of receiving a fixed income for work I wasn’t always proud of. Right now, a lot of people are feeling the same way. Whether it’s sticking with the same company for years because of its benefits or a stable income- you can’t blame them. It is difficult to maintain a job while global industries are failing left and right.

Monetize Your Values

Find out what you’re great at and learn to convert it financially. When I started MohrWolfe, I had been working 3 jobs and would struggle to find time to develop materials and head to market. Luckily, I had support from former colleagues and friends to help dedicate some of their valuable time to the early stages of the business. This was no easy task, but I was dedicated and disciplined to exit my current state of complacency. 

My favorite musician often says “complacency is the man’s biggest nightmare.” A lot may not realize this as it buries deep in the consciousness. We are living in a time where there is no better time to start your own business on the side or take part in emphasizing on something you love. Whether it’s making art or music, writing blogs and articles, or learning tasks such as graphic design and film production; if it’s what you love to do, you should make time for it. In the long run, the benefits come in many forms, amidst monetary value.

Knowledge is Power

The understanding of growth acts as a protective vehicle to shield us from the terrors the future holds. As you learn more in life, the more power you have over your decisions and your future. As you learn more from reading books, talking with people, and even watching insightful videos, you’re strengthening yourself for what your future holds. This can sprout that motivation to result in something bigger than you could have ever imagined. 

Prior to starting MohrWolfe, I was looking to make a few extra bucks from side hustling one-off marketing services to people I had within my network. I learned quickly that my ideas and deliverables could provide an array of value to clients worldwide, no matter the industry. The best part of it all- I had been working and learning this role for over 6 years and didn’t realize the potential. Using tools that were helpful in the past and tapping into existing networks, I was able to start a fast-growing and effective business in a matter of weeks. It wasn’t long before I was able to say ‘goodbye’ to office life and start taking matters into my own hands.

It’s Easier Said Than Done

Again, we are living in trying times. It’s not about starting your own business to escape an apathetic lifestyle. It’s about finding something you’re passionate about and making the most out of it. If you can monetize it, that’s even better. A lot of people are grinding for years and years to make their dreams come true. The only obstacle in the way is yourself and it should influence you to never give up, no matter what difficulties come your way. 

Time is of the essence. If you find yourself stuck on the couch watching reruns of Friends or going out every night- it could be time to make the realization that your time is valuable. You have the ability to accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Ask yourself: What have I enjoyed spending my time on that resulted in making me better than I was yesterday?