Almost every human being in the world tends to lose hope at least once in their life during a difficult time. However, COVID-19 was a fearful time for the whole global community.

Not being able to see my friends, not being able to dine out, and living in a constant fear stressed me out so much. Questioning myself every day “When will things go back to normal?” I continued to lost hope and I eventually became sad, and numb accepting the fact that we might have to live with this for the rest of our lives. I stopped talking to my friends, laid in bed all day, slept for hours, and binge-watched Netflix.

This continued till August 2020 and a few days later my mum told me that both my father, and I are COVID positive. My father was an asthma patient which made me realize how bad this situation was for him. Both my parents quarantined themselves for 14 days in a room while I had to look after my younger siblings, and other household affairs that I was able to do. My mother, and I would converse on phone call, when I’d ask how were her symptoms she’d tell me she was okay while my father’s condition was a little bad but I could sense she had trouble breathing and speaking.

Days passed finally both my parents had fully recovered. I couldn’t be more thankful to have healthy parents again. One day I was sitting with my mother, I asked her what they both used to do while they were quarantined. She started telling me all details that they’d watch TV or talk. When I asked her about how it all felt I noticed a slight change in her tone. According to her words, it was the scariest moment in her life. She was not well at all and spent every minute in fear wondering if something happens to me what will happen to my children. If I give up and show weakness my husband will probably do the same. She said one night I told myself that I will not give up and battle this illness for sake of my children, and my husband and I did. I won against it. I didn’t want to tell anyone difficult it was me to breathe, and how weak I used to feel so that none of you get worried. You guys were my hope that helped me fight this battle. After a few weeks of her recovery, she got her tests done again. My eyes could not believe when I saw how weak her immune system was, but she still fought it.

This made me realize that sometimes how strong hope can be. Having hope will give you the ability to not give up, and keep fighting until things get better. I understood the fact that I am not alone in this, there are billions of people out there going through the same phase that I was in and I just need to stay hopeful and believe that things will get better. Today I am writing this post while sitting with my friend around me in my university dorm room because things have started to get back to normal.