Momentum. We need it in our lives, personally and professionally. It is a sign that we are growing, learning, developing, and succeeding. But what if that momentum is no longer pointed in the direction you originally aimed? What if the momentum hits a diversion or roadblock? Do you know how to get around them? What happens to your success, then?

Movement matters. There is no momentum without movement. Action and activity create motion. Where have you ever gotten without movement?

Momentum consists of three directions: You can go forward (up), backward (down), or run around in circles. Each direction is something we all encounter.

There are things in your life right now that are heading downhill or taking steps backward. You see your goal seemingly slipping away from you. What you thought would happen does not happen, and it completely throws you off your game. When you lose focus, you lose confidence in yourself and lose your motivation. Your team will notice and also be impacted. You may find yourself playing the, “well I guess it wasn’t meant to be” game.

There may be things in your life right now that are spinning in circles. Einstein is credited for saying that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly, and expecting different results,” yet this is a game we all play from time to time. You try, but you aren’t gaining traction. You have momentum, but you’re in a tailspin. The whirling makes you dizzy and begins to cause doubt, frustration, disappointment, anger, and chaos. If you trained for this, then you calmly steady yourself, think, and recall directions to right yourself once again.

For some people, the direction is forward or on the rise. We see our goals getting closer and closer. We can see them coming to fruition. There are small victories along the way to significant triumphs. When we have forward momentum, well, we don’t want to think about the other directions, do we? Remembering they exist and can creep up will allow us to be less fearful and shaken when they enter our sphere.

If you have momentum – slow and steady or lightning-fast – you have progress. You have action. Momentum is action and movement matters! Keep moving. You’re doing GREAT.