Mommy Blogger calendar for 2020

10 mommy bloggers talk about their goals for themselves, their families, and their blogs as they look towards 2020.

Mommy Blogger calendar 2020 goals
What are you going to get done in 2020?

Believe it or not, 2020 is right around the corner. Before my twins arrived, I never thought of planning even 6 weeks or 6 days out. Now I’m planning my life six and nine months ahead. And the only way that works is if I start thinking about my goals well ahead of time.

Mommy Bloggers get it done together

After all, it takes a village in all things. The secret of many successful mommy blogs is their strong network of interconnected Moms. Rather than a solitary pursuit, Mom bloggers find collaboration and community more important than competition.

To that end, we asked the best Mommy Bloggers and Influencers their personal and blogging goals for 2020. These women are an inspiration, who hustle day and night to share their passions and keep live working for their families. 

Mommy blogger Leah Wade making a funny face while she gets up from a bench

Leah Frances Wade of Fort Birthday never imagined she would be learning about being a mom to twins at 40 (surprise!). Fort Birthday’s instagram documents outdoor living in a multigenerational home on the rural Chesapeake Bay and saves the real Twin Mom ridiculousness (and her attempts at mommy blog humor) for the Fort Birthday twitter. The Fort Birthday Blog focuses on Learning by Doing, from raising twin three year olds to tackling home improvement projects, Leah finds her passion in sharing the things she’s learned. Above all else, Fort Birthday loves presenting an authentic look at real life. 

1. Mindfulness in parenting. Finding pleasure in the process is a huge challenge for me. Especially when it involves packing toddlers up to take them somewhere.

2. Riding bikes as a family. I haven’t been on a real bike since before 2006. The twins are getting pedal bikes from Santa and I think I will get one too (so long as I’m not too naughty) so we can ride together.

3. Plan regular get togethers with my friends and stop using “we are too busy” as an excuse not to make the time for people we love.

4. Schedule some of my time for doing nothing.

5. Get to the pool at the Y to keep up with swimming for the boys over the winter.

6. For my blog, I want to work towards 10k views a month by putting out good content and helping my audience learn and grow.

7. I’ve learned a bunch this fall about making video, and I’m excited to put some of those skills I learned into practice making stand alone videos, and videos that support my mommy blog. 

8. I want to earn enough money to invest back into the quality of my blog, to get my site audited, spend money on good online tools or even a new computer, and I want to attend at least one or two mommy blogger conferences.

9. I just learned about how powerful affiliate marketing teams and agencies can be, and 2020 is going to be the year Fort Birthday brings the best products and services to our audience.

10. My biggest most exciting project is bringing two eBooks to life by the new year. 31 Days of Exclusively Pumping Advice, hints, and hacks. And How to Prep Food, Clothes, and Life So You Don’t Go Crazy with Twin Toddlers

Cuddling on a pink sofa

Amber Faust is a family photographer and parenting influencer but most importantly a mother.  Amber shares adventures from her life with her husband and three kids on a sunny island in South Carolina on her Instagram account.  Her mommy blog tackles topics such as motherhood, family life, travel, food, and simple sustainable living.

Amber’s 2020 Personal Goals and Mommy Blog Goals are
11. Be more present in life and with my children. I think this is a huge new years resolution, but it’s needed for me. I’m an introvert who zones out when I’m bored. And we all know building the same favorite block tower over and over is boring. 

12. Be sweeter to my husband and myself. I don’t handle stress well. I need to channel it into something productive rather than passive aggression.

13. Make it to the gym a couple more times a month, I’m paying for it and they have free childcare.  

14. Healthwise, I’d like to continue intermittent fasting, but move my timing up to 20/4 or OMAD (one meal a day).

15. My main mommy blog goal is to take it off Instagram and move more to blogging on my blog. I need to learn to love writing. I love photography and babies, but I’m very meh about the actual writing part of being a mom blogger.

16. My 2019 mom blog goal was to get my domain authority up to a decent number, and I hit my target. I’d like to continue the upward trajectory  of my mom blog into 2020.  

17. I want to finally learn videography. My kids say the darndest things, I need it all memorialized.  

18. Hire help and delegate. Whether it’s an assistant to stay on top of my emails and Instagram comment replies or a cleaner to help me scrub toilets.  I need to work on delegation.

19. Drink more water and less coffee, the coffee is such a sleep disrupter. I think this would help me sleep deeper.

20. Be more forgiving is my main goal, personally and professionally. I hold grudges and I’m part of the cancel culture that is hurting our society. Everyone makes mistakes. That Instagram mom who left her 6 month old in the car shouldn’t be cancelled. She should be forgiven and shown love and guidance. The carwash guy who forgot to strap my car seats into my car after he vacuumed didn’t deserve my complete meltdown, I should have known to check that they were strapped in securely. Shit happens, I want to give people hope and less snarky attitude. 

Beautiful Mommy Blogger and family posing in front of a brick wall

Alethea Middleton blogs as MidKid Mama, documenting family life in the Midwest. Alethea is a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), photographer and mommy blogger. For the past several years, she has largely worked as a ghostwriter and is just starting to shift over onto her own blog and Instagram account. She has a B.A. degree in communication arts and graphic design, so the focus of her mom blog is often on the creative side with gardening projects, kid crafts and recipes.

Alethea’s 2020 Mom Blogger Goals are:

21. More art. More creativity. I’ve always been an artist, but haven’t had as much time for it since college. As a family, we usually do the chalk walk and I teach occasional art lessons locally, but I need to set aside time for my own sanity.

22. Less mindless browsing. So much time allotted to scrolling my feed or looking at a hashtag. No more rabbit trails that lead me into crazy troll dialogues. It’s killing my productivity.

23. No more fingernail biting. It’s pretty ridiculous I need to have this as a goal for 2020. I’ve tried to stop in the past, but I’m determined–2020 is the year!

24. More video. I just joined TikTok and I’m on a mission to show off our fun and endearing side as a family.

25. Putting more stock in my own platforms. With how hard they are currently making the algorithms, I don’t want to get caught with a specific social media platform as my only option.

26. I have huge #squarefootgardening goals for 2020. I’m so excited. I’ve been collecting all kinds of fun vegetable varieties.

27. Stick with a low-carb diet. I’ve lost over 80lbs since my 4th baby and I’m about 15 away from my second goal. I work out at least 3x a week too, so I have goals for pushing harder there as well.

28. Work on focus. I need to focus more on one thing at a time so I’m even more productive and effective.

29. Start building an email subscription list with content and updates. This has got to happen soon. So I’ll put it as a blogging goal for 2020.

30. Stay joyful. Things are up and down all the time, but I want to have a perspective that sees my blessings more than my struggles. And joy doesn’t mean a fake bubbly mask all the time, just a deep appreciation for the good things in my life.

Faith Owen is a mommy blogger at Mother in the Mountains. Her blog name alludes to living in/near the rocky mountains most of her life. She has three little girls she stays home with. She’s also a grad student and homeschools her girls. Faith loves going on adventures with her kids around the valley and across the United States. She writes about their adventures, homeschooling, stories, food, traveling, and more. 

 Faith’s 2020 Personal Goals and Mommy Blog Goals are
31. Consistently wake up before my girls so I can do my personal morning routine without interruptions.

32. Create a morning routine for my girls. I feel like our night routine is set up really well and it helps us settle in for the night but we don’t have a morning routine. If I get them involved in a morning routine they’ll keep it going even when I forget.

33. Become better at peaceful parenting. School and work makes me really stressed most of the time and I find myself snapping at my girls. My girls are way more important than work or school so I want that perspective to keep me grounded and make me a better parent. 

34. Not get so hung up on all the details of blogging that I don’t blog. I love writing and I have so many topics I want to write about but generally all the behind the scenes work to make a post look nice discourages me. I need to focus on getting my ideas out there and focus less on making it perfect.

35. I want to become less of a perfectionist. Like with blogging, I won’t do a lot of things unless I can do them perfect. I want to focus less on perfection and just get things done.

36. Get better at time management. I know I could do a lot more in the hours I have if I would just manage my time better. I’m waiting for a book on overdrive right now that will hopefully help me with this.

37. Be more appreciative towards my husband. He is such a great guy and he’s always helping me. He does so much but I tend to ignore what he does and focus on what he doesn’t. I want to thank him more for what he does do. 

38. I want to get out of the house more with my girls. We do go on outings at least once a week but I want to just spend time with them out in the backyard. I want to watch them play and run around more and not stay in the house because I’m ‘busy’.

39. I’m going to do more crafts with my girls. We consistently bake and cook together but I rarely sit down and color with them let alone do more fancy crafts. I have two boxes of craft stuff I should be using. 

40. I want to be a better communicator. I want to be able to ask for what I need and be able to say when something bothers me. 

Crystal Dorothy is the mother behind NotSoSuperMom vs Society . As her blog name states, she’s a mom battling against society’s norms, in particular the views surrounding autism. Her blog also focuses on sensory activities, parenting hacks, product reviews, and life in general. She has 2 little boys, Everett (5) and Finn (2), who are her inspiration. You can find her on Instagram here to follow their daily adventures.

Her 2020 personal and mommy blog goals are:

41. Put my phone down more. I’m always working on my phone; editing photos, scheduling posts, writing blogs, and so on. I often am on my phone to the point of distraction for my family. I’m going to work on setting aside time to decompress from the phone and focus on my family (and house!).

42. Meal plan/schedule. I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person, but that doesn’t really work now that Everett is in school. I’m going to focus on setting a schedule/meal plan and actually stick to it.

43. Stop waiting until the last minute. I feel like I never budget enough time to make it to places. I’m always either rushing or late. In 2020 I vow to fix this … or at least improve!

44. Incorporate my children more in cooking and other household duties. I feel like the boys, especially Everett, need to start learning basic life skills.

45. Volunteer more/Community Involvement . Volunteering in the community was a huge part of my life growing up. I’ve always been passionate about working with nonprofits and helping them succeed. I’d love to instill my love for helping a good cause in my children as well.

46. Make more time for myself. I started working on this in 2019, but I still struggle with it. In 2020 I’m determined to have at least one night every month away from the kids to just be me!

47. Be more organized in both my everyday life and in my business ventures. When it comes to blogging/posting I always feel like I’m forgetting things and struggling to find items, both for my photography business,  and home life. This coming year, I’m determined to, at the very least, get the business side of my life organized.

48. Take a professional course. I feel like in today’s digital age, it’s easy to get out of touch with modern trends and technological advances. I’d like to attend a seminar, take a class, or go to a conference to increase my knowledge base and inspire the professional side of my life.

49. Focus on video production. I feel like video is the way to go for the future of social media. I’d love to work on getting more comfortable with shooting and editing video.

50. Expand my brand. In 2020, I’m looking to polish my blog to look more professional and to work with more companies that align with my personal brand.

Smiling Amanda in a white striped dress on a city sidewalk.

Amanda is a lifestyle blogger at and a mom to 4 headstrong children, ages 18 to 1. She shares tips on being health-conscious while raising a family, living a mostly “green” lifestyle, and surviving through chaos. A former teacher and personal trainer, Amanda values education and fitness – but she still loves pizza and chocolate. She resides in the north Atlanta area with her kids, husband, and a noisy dog.

Amanda’s goals for 2020 are:
51. Plan a weekly date with the husband. We need time together without the kids so we can remember why we got married!

52. Take a photography class/course. I love taking photos and really want to increase my technical knowledge so my photos can improve.

53. Stick to our family budget – which means a trip to Disney in the fall!

54. Get my blog pageviews back up to 30k per month.

55. Continue exercising consistently, which means at least 30 min per day, 5 days per week. I’ve started this and want to make sure I don’t stop.

56. Finally complete a Whole30 (not a Whole15 or any other number) and blog my journey.

57. Increase blog posts to 3 per week. Currently averaging 1-2 posts, but 3 is attainable if I plan my content out.

58. Plan my content a month in advance. Creating a quarterly plan is ideal, but I’m starting slow.

59. Getting out of the house with the kids at least once a week. It’s too easy to fall into a rut and stay home. We need to explore more, especially now that the little ones are getting older.

60. Read more. It’s been too long since I’ve read a book. I’d like to read one per month.

Adorable twin girls in knit striped tops standing in front of shelving unit.

Megan Stephen is a mom of multiples who blogs about motherhood, faith, fashion and things that inspire her. She has a Business Entrepreneurship degree and has put it to use by starting up her own blog. Arie and Layla are her identical twin daughters who are three years old. She also has a six year old daughter named Kaila. Megan stays at home with the girls and has recently been focusing on her blog more since the twins are in preschool now. 

My 2020 goals for myself and my blog:

61. Focus more on my blog itself and less on the other platforms like Instagram and Facebook. I spend lots of time worrying about each platform, but the one that I own is my blog. I want to focus on bringing more quality to my readers.

62. I want to step out of my comfort zone. I want to try new things, visit new places and say yes to more events for blogging. 

63. Make more time for my marriage and spend more quality time with my husband. It is so easy to focus on the kids, but I really want to focus on our relationship and remind him how important he is to me.

64. Spend more time exercising. I can always come up with multiple reasons why I am too busy to go, but I want to change my focus to the reasons why I should be going and how it will benefit me. 

65. We have been doing #stephensistersaturday videos and I am enjoying them. I would like to stay consistent and keep doing this every week. 

66. I want to add more elements of my faith and my love for the Lord into my blog. The Lord gave me this audience and want to share how He has impacted my life.

67. Set aside time just for me. I am really great at taking care of everyone else, but not so great at taking care of myself. 

68. Take more time to connect with family and friends who do not live near me. I want to remind them that they matter to me and our relationship holds value. 

69. Make more time for my marriage and spend quality time with my husband. It is so easy to focus on the kids, but I really want to focus on our relationship and remind him how important he is to me.

70. Last, but most certainly not least, I want to be more present in my relationship with the Lord. This means reading the word, listening to worship songs and surrounding myself with people who love Him and share the same values.

Smiling Mommy Blogger, Jamie Tutson, with her two beautiful daughters

Jamie Tutson is a mom, wife and nurse, blogging about supporting moms on her mommy blog Perk Pack. She’s just trying to survive motherhood. Her motto for surviving mom life is “Let’s do it together.”

Jamie’s goals for 2020

71.  I’d like to get better at time management between nursing, my photography, tumblers, and family keeping things balanced is the goal.

72.  Work on concentration and maximize the time I do spend work to get the most out of it.

73.  Develop a workflow that works with my blog and stick with it! 

74.  Work on blog content, start a few different series ideas that I have and expand on topics I’ve already touched on.

75.  Be Gentle with my children and myself.  

76.  Become a morning person.

77.  Get on a sleep schedule. 

78.  Make a budget and stick with it.

79.  Leave work at work and be more present at home. Changing jobs will hopefully help this.

80.  Focus on self care, not the buzzword self care but actually work on improving myself.  

Mom on a beach kissing her sweet child

Faithfully Beautiful is a space to inspire the love and adventure of traveling with kids as well as simplifying and creating a happier mom life. As a mama of 3 little boys, I share our journey of creating a life we love and encourage other mothers to find their passion and live it well.

My goals for 2020

81.  Stay active.

82.  Eat healthy.

83.  Find an outlet, coloring, reading, screaming – whatever works.

84.  No more cell phones at dinner.

85.  Date nights, spend more time with my husband.

86.  Girls nights, spend more time with my friends. Without our kids.

87.  Be more flexible.

88.  Nurture my child and find out who they are, while not pushing them to be something I want them to be. 

89.  Help those less fortunate.

90.  Drink more water.

Red Headed Blogger in yellow hoodie smiling

My name is Maria, and I’m married to my best friend. Together, we have 4 wonderful, messy, loud, and loving sons. I stay at home with them, homeschool, and blog about our adventures at For Mommy’s Dragons.

My goals for 2020:

91.  Teach my children that their voice matters.

92.  30 minutes a day of me time! 

93.  Challenge myself to get outside of my comfort zone.

94.  Keep focusing on adventures and experiences, less on things.

95.  Make health a priority.

96.  Learn something new or go back to school.

97.  Read the news more often, not just the headlines.  As a citizen of the world, I’ve got to keep up.

98.  Laugh more.  Watch memes, cheesy puns, or silly videos.  Can I suggest Schitt’s Creek? Or Jane the Virgin? Or my Crazy Ex Girlfriend?

99.  Cook dinner at home more frequently.

100.  Stop having FOMO and live in the moment with my loved ones.