As a Latina who grew up in an inner city, ‘Money Baggage’ is something near and dear to my heart.

What is Money Baggage you ask? I created this term to encompass the collection of limiting beliefs, fears and trauma someone holds, surrounding money. Money Baggage is especially prominent in marginalized communities. We inherit money baggage from the people we look up to growing up including our parents, teachers and mentors. What they think about money becomes a part of our belief system as we enter adulthood.

Since the generation before us never had the opportunity to unlearn toxic money ideas, we often take on their fears and limiting beliefs as our own very early on in life and blame ourselves for the financial struggles of our families.

It was not until The Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 that women and other marginalized communities were able to have access to credit. For so much of history, women and people of color were not given a seat at the financial table. This is why many women and people of color feel stress and fear when talking about money and investing. It’s been conditioned into us that wealth and prosperity are not meant for us.

I am here to say that this belief is total bullsh*t. Wealth, abundance and everything in between are meant for you!

Have you ever wondered why you never finished that personal finance book? It may be because the Money Baggage you were carrying was creating inner conflict as you tried to expand your knowledge. You were reading a book written by someone who was coming from a place of privilege that may not have an understanding of diverse life experiences like yours.

Most finance, money and business coaches out there aren’t inclusive and don’t understand the life experience of someone with Money Baggage. They cannot talk about money baggage because it’s not something they have experienced.

I created the term Money Baggage to help first generation wealth builders know that they are not alone in what they are experiencing.

I want you to know how worthy you are of your deepest desires. You don’t have to just survive anymore, you can THRIVE, and investing can help you get there!

As a money coach for first generation wealth builders, I specialize in guiding my clients in the process of releasing their money baggage as they learn healthy money affirmations and habits, strengthen their relationship to their money through budgeting and welcome abundance into their reality through investing.

My goal as a Money Coach is to create as many confident first generation wealth builders as possible. I am here to help you shift from a mindset rooted in scarcity to one rooted in abundance.

Abundance is our natural energetic state after all.

It’s time to let go of all that is not serving you and create systems that support you on your journey. Let me help you reach your fullest potential!

Here are my favorite Money Mindset Affirmations to take with you:

  1. I am so worthy of my deepest desires!
  2. I hold no shame, guilt or fear around my money.
  3. I spend, save and invest my money with intention and in alignment with my goals in life.
  4. I forgive my past self for any and all actions around my money that were rooted in scarcity or fear.
  5. Money comes to me when I am doing what I love.
  6. I am 100% capable of learning to build and sustain generational wealth!
  7. I choose myself, my peace, my wealth, my health and love, always!
  8. No one has it all figured out, whoever makes it seem like they do is lying!
  9. Being kind to yourself is rebellious act. Please try it sometime! (or all the time!)
  10. The outer world and economic climate will not disturb my inner peace!