Anja Vojinovic Actress

Aakash Kumar Jha: Can you describe to us your experience, which influenced your acting career, especially your relationship with Piano and modelling?

Anja Vojinovic: I sought to be a piano player with more than 13 years of melodic experience. I started displaying in 2018 and immediately extended my envelope to incorporate works with more than many photographers. I’ve been highlighted in different music videos and have accomplished limited time work for probably the greatest clubs and bar in Toronto. My craving to attempt new things has driven me to grow my portfolio extraordinarily to incorporate limited time work for Toronto bars and clubs, for example, Bar Sixty, dissident, Lavelle and Goldie. I’ve likewise accomplished print work for schedules, for example, Girls ‘n Tractors 2021 Calendar introduced by Sparkes Model Agency. Besides that my demonstrating work has been included at a craftsmanship display at Gallery 44 in Toronto that is the greatest accomplishment for me in the youthful age.

Anja Vojinovic

AKJ: What gives you energy?

Anja Vojinovic: At the point when I’m on a phase acting before a group of people I feel the vitality coursing through me, it’s such a benefit to me that I’m ready to follow up on organizing and be free. That being stated, the opportunity is the thing that gives me most vitality, the capacity to follow my heart and enthusiasm. Other than acting my music takes care of me huge amounts of vitality, learning new tunes or making some myself energizes me past cutoff points, I continue playing constantly.

AKJ: What is your greatest hope for the future? What is next for Anja Vojinovic?

Anja Vojinovic: My most noteworthy expectation is that I get the chance to develop more in my vocation as a artist. since I totally love what I do. Since I don’t have a crystal ball indicating me my future, I don’t have a clue what’s up straightaway. I will see and accept it as it comes.