More than 90% of adults know their sun signs. However, moon signs give you deeper insights into people’s hearts.

When people say “zodiac signs,” they’re usually referring to sun signs. Sun signs project outward personalities, but moon signs reflect inner-worlds.

Your moon sign influences your emotions. Without it, you’re missing a necessary dimension of your astrological profile.

Here’s what you should know about astrology moon signs:

Moon Signs 101

Your moon sign is whatever position the moon was in when you were born. This position determines which zodiac sign your moon sign falls under. This sign reveals your emotional self.

Many people still wonder, “What are my sun and moon signs?” Find out your moon sign and more with a free astrological chart. The aforementioned link will help you get a customized chart.

Here are the current moon signs anyone can possess:


People with an Aries moon are highly emotional. Mars rules this fire sign, so they’re assertive and passionate.

Aries moons are naturally competitive.


Taurus moon people have a penchant for self-care and comfort. This Venus-ruled earth sign thrives in beautiful environments

Taurus moons prefer routine over change and can be stubborn.


Mercury rules over Gemini. That’s why people with a Gemini moon value communication and sharing ideas.

Art and creativity also emotionally resonate with airy Gemini moons. 


Individuals with a Cancer moon are moody but emotionally intelligent. Cancer moons are happiest when they feel at home.

As a moon-ruled water sign, they’re also emotionally intuitive.


The sun rules over Leo. The Leo moon makes people shine with confidence.

Fiery Leo moons love being in the spotlight. They’re also generous towards friends.


Virgo is an earth sign that’s ruled by Mercury. Emotionally, they’re impacted by details.

Virgo moons value simplicity and being productive.


As a Venus-governed air sign, the Libra moon prioritizes connection and aesthetics. They are natural peacekeepers.

Libra moons are happiest when spending quality time with loved ones.


Mars rules over Scorpio. The Scorpio moon’s emotions and magnetism are intense but mysterious.

This water sign often gets “hunches” that turn out to be correct.


As a Jupiter-ruled sign, Sagittarius moons emotionally connect to the learning process. This fire sign has a passion for exploration.

The Sagittarius moon feels unfulfilled without novelty in life.


Saturn-governed Capricorn moons are emotionally attached to their accomplishments. This earth sign is happiest when achieving their goals.

Don’t forget to take breaks, Capricorn moon!


The Aquarius moon needs freedom. They use their emotions to relate to humanity at large.

Saturn makes this air sign independent.


Neptune rules Pisces. This water sign is emotionally intuitive beyond compare.

Pisces moons are compassionate and otherworldly.

Embrace The Moon’s Power

Ancient Egyptians believed the moon was evil. Still, knowing about moon signs will expand your astrology experience.

Do you know the exact time you were born? If not, you can’t tell what your moon sign is for sure.

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