A few more thoughts relating music to other parts of our lives…

People are replaceable, but their style may not be. Think Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham…not the same.

Take every part you can to build your resume even if it is a backup role…Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Sting, Michael McDonald, Mick Jagger (You’re So Vain…music trivia).

Uniqueness counts – not all about a great voice. Think Neil Young, blues singers, Petty, etc.

Reading music is important, but playing by ear has value too. Book smart versus street smart.

A good sound engineer is worth their weight in gold. In anything, the people behind the scenes are just as important to the overall product.

If you don’t know your part, you bring the whole band down.

Play your part until it is your turn to shine. Control.

Delivery is just as important as what you are playing. You may have a great song, product, or idea, but the “pitch” is important.

A little success goes a long way in building confidence. One compliment about a song or show can keep you going.

Recognize Revolutionizers – timing plays a part in this, but these leaders can shape the direction of music. Think Bowie – RIP.

Before you walk away (disband), think of what could be…no regrets. Many bands have been on the verge of break up only to make their best album. Conflict can contribute to greatness. When is the right time to cut the chord…I mean cord 🙂


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