Never possibly in recent memory has the entire world felt such a crying need for genuinely innovative entrepreneurs as it does now, when the coronavirus pandemic threatens to plunge almost all countries to economic depths from which recovery could only be a slow, tortuous process.

The kind of entrepreneurs with the drive and gumption to look at the situation for what it is and then get down to addressing the state of affairs through real game-changing innovations which have the potential of pulling us out of the rut we currently find ourselves in due to the contagion.

There is already enough literature out there on how big an economic challenge the COVID-19 threat poses to people worldwide. And more gets added to that reading list with each passing day. However, getting depressed due to the sheer magnitude of the problem that needs to be confronted is hardly going to make the corona issue go away from our lives. This is where pioneering entrepreneurs, with their can-do spirit, could prove of enormous help since they are often the only ones who know how to convert even a humongous crisis into a colossal opportunity.

Stimulus packages announced by authorities in many countries – while useful to an extent in getting engines of the economy back on track – can never match up in terms of the lasting impact that truly ground-breaking entrepreneurs can make through the work they do. Because these people excel in pushing boundaries, breaking all barriers to progress, and more importantly, getting the job done. And, also, significantly, in the process, instill hope among the rest of us about a better tomorrow.

Keeping Intrapreneurs in mind

Let me pause here and make it clear that my definition of innovative entrepreneurs also includes ‘intrapreneurs’. Since at many places, intrapreneurs can make as much of a difference as entrepreneurs can, through their single-minded focus on finding a solution to a vexing question by coming up with a revolutionary product or service offering which could immensely benefit customers.

The fact that many progressive companies are now actively encouraging the intrapreneurs in their organizations by giving them the long rope they need to try out their ideas (devoid of the risks that actual entrepreneurs typically face) is a particularly welcome development in the current trying scenario.

Personally, though, nothing would make me happier than to see some of these intrapreneurs give up their cushy corporate jobs to become full-time entrepreneurs by embracing the risks and rewards that come with that transition. Because their expertise could greatly enrich the entrepreneurship arena internationally.

In conclusion, I would just like to say this. Historically, entrepreneurs have always played a pivotal role in shaping the world we inhabit and making it a better place to live in. It would, thus, be in the fitness of things that we place our trust in them to step up to the plate during this period of crisis and create the future that we would like to see.