I grew up in the 60’s, and we were often referred to as the ‘Me’ Generation. Today as I reflect back to those glory days, my older sis and her college days, of the icons of our era, we were so much more of a ‘We’ generation.

We broke rules, and molds, we insisted on change, we chose freedom and yes we did wander around finding ourselves more than previous generations. But, we marched regularly in the streets, some lives stolen too young by an establishment we were standing up to. We demonstrated, loudly, without bras. Did everything go as planned, was there a happy perfect ending? No, we made mistakes, plenty, but we also made a difference and we stood up for something we believed in.

Today, in an age of social media, selfies, increased technology, we are speaking from behind a screen. When some of us attempt to communicate and relate on social and political issues, and we are paralyzed by division. At least ten percent of my social media connections have deactivated their accounts in an effort to feel better and live a more enriched existence.

My partner and I dine out regularly with close friends, yet we can’t ever speak about issues that matter. Isn’t that literal insanity? Our country and world continue to sink into a societal toilet, and we can’t talk to each other anymore. What does this say about our government, one that continues to divide us?

I attended an event in March called the Happiness Summit. Many of the speakers incorporated a desperate need for a ‘We’ culture into their talks about happiness. I’m not sure if they were trying to include this concept as an component of happiness or just felt like this is a necessary change we need for any type of peace or contentment.

How do we create a more collective culture, one where we add value and not more photos of ourself? I’m not completely sure. I’m going to take a stab at this since I sat down to write today.

  1. Time spent on social media devoted to how we can collectively improve the big picture. Let’s take a more outward focus.
  2. Volunteer to help the organizations who are truly struggling to help those falling through the cracks
  3. Focus on our children! This is my biggest goal in everything I’m trying to do. If we cannot tolerate the condition of our social and political systems, what chance do they have.
  4. LISTEN. Read as much as you can about candidates and what they stand for. LISTEN, not just to the occasional debate. LISTEN to your neighbor, even is she votes differently. Be open to other opinions other than your own. LISTEN

I don’t have all the answers, only genuinely concerned thoughts and ideas. I feel like we are slipping down a very scary slope and the path many are on needs a little more ‘we’ on it.

My two cents, with love and hope, thanks for reading.