Not being sure of what the next few weeks or even months will bring, it can be tough to stay focused. It is vital to remind yourself to take one day at a time and to let go of trying to do it all.

Social media has a pretty significant role in our world, more so now during this unprecedented time. Despite a plethora of virtual wellness classes, cooking classes, inspirational messages, it is essential to note that social media news can also share misinformation about the current events and create more fear and anxiety.

Although some people will benefit from these platforms, others may feel overwhelmed scrolling through social media and feeling not motivated to partake in a class or watch an inspirational video, etc.

A ritual that will encourage both peace and motivation is a simple 5 to 10 minute morning meditation. The power of morning meditation sets the tone for the rest of your day. Morning meditation will give you the clarity and motivation to plan your day. There are many meditation apps and online meditations you can access to help you if you are new to meditation.

Instead of reaching for the phone in the morning to read the latest news, look at emails and endless Instagram posts and stories WAIT!

Give yourself the gift of ten minutes to meditate. Allow your body to feel a sense of peace. Peace is your underlying state of being; it exists before worrying thoughts and turbulent emotions. We have the capability of accessing this tranquility at any time because it is always there.

Plan your morning meditation and withdraw your attention from the outward and rest in your inner stillness. Meditation is a process of training the mind to learn how to cultivate inner peace.