Give Yourself the best start to your day …

How do you begin your day? Are you reading emails or checking social media before you are out of the bed?

I rise very early, this is intentional and the best part of my morning. I am the only one awake, getting some valuable time for myself while the family sleeps.

Before you pick up your smart phone or rise out of bed, start with any meditation, even if you only close your eyes and breathe deeply for a minute. Nothing calms your mind more than your own life force and a few quiet moments.

Make yourself a big refreshing glass of lemon or lime water. It’s a great way to jump start your metabolism before you sip on your morning Joe or cup of tea. I still drink coffee and love it, but the lemon water is always my first drink of the day.

Create movement, stretch or exercise your body for a few minutes while your coffee or tea is making. I choose to read something inspirational while the coffee is brewing followed by yoga, usually a few sun salutations. This gets my body stretched and my blood moving.

Note your gratitude, preferably in some type of journal. The general rule of thumb is at least three things you are grateful for, and change it up each day. It’s very difficult to be sad or unhappy when we stop to be thankful for all that we have. Your list can be as simple as clear air, clean water, knowing how to love, blue skies. You get it, don’t leave this one out.

Make a list or a schedule of what you hope to finish throughout the day, maybe you have social media posts to prepare, meetings to attend. Write it down, it feels a bit like goal setting with a touch of accountability.

Lastly, before you leave the house or start your day, have some form of healthy breakfast. We always have a variety of choices from smoothies, and oatmeal to eggs. I like to mix it up.

Do you see how completing this short morning list can set a clear tone for your entire day? You already feel a sense of accomplishment. Once I started my routine, my day felt organized and I flowed through with energy and mental clarity.