Toxic habits are very dangerous and so cancerous. Toxic habits are those things that we are often do, that when they eat deeply into us, it’s most times very difficult to overcome them. Like the saying goes, habits are very easy to form, but very hard to break.

Mornings are usually the start of a new dawn. The start of a new beginning, and a way to make your today better than it was yesterday.

The things you do in the mornings would shape how great or how awfully bad your day is going to be like for the rest of the day. All these depends on how you wake up, and the things you tend to do afterwards.

If you started your day on a great, and in an energetic mood, you’d often realize you will have an awesome day. But when you start your mornings so sluggishly and with lack of enthusiasm, you’d realize all through the day, you’d be cranky and easily get pissed by almost everything .

You might be asking yourself at the moment, what are those habits you often indulge in mostly in the mornings that is toxic and bad for you?

Well, below are 7 morning toxic habits, you need to stop doing in the mornings in order to have a great day

1. Morning toxic habit of Putting off the alarm.

Most of us are often times very guilty of this. Even I myself, at some point I was very guilty of this I must say. When you set an alarm to wake up by 4am.

And when it goes off, you tend to put it off inorder to have more sleep for few hours. When you do this, you’d realize, you will become so lazy and feel less excited about your day.

If you are of the habit of putting off your alarm clock in the mornings whenever it goes off, then you need to throw out such toxic habit out of the window.

Once your alarm goes off, discipline yourself and get out of bed immediately. When you do this over time, you will realize your brain will adjust to the time you have set.

Hence, you will find it easy to get out of bed and begin your day as you should.

2. Morning toxic habit of not meditating and showing Gratitude

The greatest thing you can ever do is being grateful for the small and big things you have presently going on in your life.

Whatever higher powers you believe in, you need to be thankful at least when you wake up. And be grateful that you are able to see a new day. Not just waking up, and rushing off to start your day.

If you are often times guilty of this toxic habit in the mornings, you need to stop doing that this second. And tell yourself you will be more grateful for the life you have, and for your family, friends.

The great job you might have, and for your parents. Be grateful for your spouse, and for your children. Be sincerely grateful for anyone else in your life whom you really care about deeply.

Whenever you tend to meditate and show Gratitude for the wonderful things around you. It tends to open more doors for you for bigger things.

Hence, be of the habit today to always meditate and show gratitude to the higher power you believe in every mornings.

3. Checking your phone and other social media platforms

Inasmuch as, it is very paramount to keep oneself abreast of the things happening around the globe. It shouldn’t be a thing in which you need to do first thing you wake up.

Yeah, I know perharps you may have heard this a 1,000 times but I want to also say it again and now. That such a habit is toxic. And you need to put a stop to it.

When you tend to always go for your phone when you wake up in the mornings, even when it’s not about you attending to something important like a call from a love one or an urgent mail.

You’d realize you tend to while away time, and waste on irrelevant posts and on social media messages which can be attended to much later in the day during your leisure time.

Hence, if you’re of this morning toxic habit, it’s very important you forgo it inorder to have a great and a productive day ahead of you at least.

4. Morning toxic habit of  Going out of the house without bathing

Well, most individuals are fond of this. But do you realize when you always do this, you tend to feel tired easily and not so energetic to carry out most of your days activities.

Because you’d feel dirty in-between and not so comfortable in your own skin. But whenever you have a bathe, your body will be so relaxed, you’d feel refreshed, and your mood will change into something better. That is, if you were moody earlier before you decided to have a bathe.

Therefore, endeavour to get rid of this morning toxic habit of not having your bathe. And imbibe the good habit of bathing so that you’d start your day off with enough refreshed strength, that would help you have a great and a productive day.

5. Skipping Healthy breakfast

When you skip Healthy breakfasts, it’s very harmful to your health. Research has it that, Healthy breakfasts are the most important meal of the day.

Hence, when you endeavour to have a healthy breakfast, your body’s metabolism will be signaled to get ready for the tasks ahead.

Your brain will be signed to be active, and perform it’s best. Your hormones will be alert to supply all the essential support you need to start your day.

But once you skip Healthy breakfasts in the mornings, and settle for unhealthy breakfast. You’d realize, you tend to gain unhealthy fat and you will feel overly full and feel easily fatigued. This is bad for you, and you should desist from such.

6. The morning toxic habit of Being negative about the day

Words are so powerful. Our emotions are even more powerful. When you tend to feel less excited about your day. You grumble about what a day it is again to go to work. When you feel sad about it being 5am you need to wake up.

And you start saying all sort of negative words about your day to yourself and you allow yourself think it,then in no time and overtime, you’d realize, those things you’re saying starts manifesting.

Your activities at work would give you more reasons not to feel happy about your job. You will always feel lazy to get up in the mornings to start your day,etc.

So therefore, stop the negative words being said to yourself every morning . Begin your day feeling excited, and if you don’t like your job, pray and hope you’d get something way better that you love more and enjoy.

Remember, complaining doesn’t solve anything, it also makes you feel stressed. And you tend to   have all the self pity in the world that you can get.

Hence, don’t allow negative emotions and words have a toil on you from this moment onwards.

7. Leaving your bedroom undressed

The way you keep your surroundings tells if you’re a neat person or an organized person.

Why go out each day, without dressing your bed and making sure your space is neat and tidy? If you’re of the toxic habit of leaving your bedroom unkept, then you need to stop doing that today.

Start being a more organized and a neat person. When you imbibe this good habit of laying and dressing your bed, and keeping your room neat, you’d realize you have more space to move around.

You don’t get to find things you need. And it would help you keep up with time, and start your day in earnest.