Do you know the easiest way to waste a shit load of precious time on your business with nothing to show for it?

Trying to figure out your business idea using one of those Online Clarity Exercises

This leads to the Wrong Idea because there is a LOT more to pinpointing your Right Idea than an Online Clarity Exercise could ever provide!

My client Sara really thought she had nothing to offer that would be enjoyable, profitable, and that would fit into her limited schedule. 

She came to me after she had used one of those online clarity tests, pinpointed the wrong idea, and spent a YEAR on a business that wasn’t profitable and that she didn’t enjoy. 

Spending so much time on a business that didn’t work left her feeling depleted and filled with doubts.

Using the Nail It Don’t Fail It Framework, we first identified an offer that she would ENJOY.

We then used my Profitability Index to find the subset of her Right Idea that would make her the MOST PROFIT for the least amount of time and energy.

The Right Idea means marrying your gifts, skills, and passions with the needs and desires of your future clients. 

And by making sure this is the Right Idea by measuring it on the Profitability Index, you’ll have yourself a winner.

Sara Nailed her Ideal Business Idea and made sure it would be profitable before she invested her precious time. She nailed her Right Idea and brought in CLIENTS with EASE. She has all the clients that she wants.

Sara is an amazing cook that meal prepped every Monday for her family. 

Offering these same nutritious and delicious meals to families in her area, she was able to start a High Profit Business. 

…Parlaying this skill into a business she feels SO GOOD about.

All in one day a week!

This has happened time and time again. 

You’re a rockin’ Mom with lots of skills, talents, and gifts that can be parlayed into the Ideal Business using the Nail Your Perfect Business Idea Framework. 

Don’t make the mistake of using a random clarity test. Use a proven system that has produced real world results. 

You might not think it’s possible for you to nail your Right Idea and land paying clients. 

But here’s the truth… You got this!