The talk is cheap. The action is expensive. It costs something to succeed; sometimes, it requires a lot. The reason why so few people make it is that so few people are willing to pay the price!How many people succeed? How many people are earning what they want? There are different causes of wealth inequality: technological growth, gender, globalization, and most of these are out of our control.

Global Inequality —

Inequality has been on the rise across the globe for several decades. Some countries have reduced the numbers of people…

But another cause is “Personal,” in other words, our indifference, our laziness with a lack of a desire to grow professionally, intellectually, or personally.

Our attitude is what we need to focus on. Not the things we cannot control. Better focus on the things we can.

It is our responsibility for the happiness and success we long to achieve. The question is: what can I do?

Is it easy to find good logical excuses for why we are not supposed to succeed, but is life going to excuse us?

In the end, who we are and what we become is the work of our own two hands.

Are we as happy as we want to be? Do we have all that we wish? Do we earn as much as we hope to receive? For most, the answer is probably no!

Why do we fail?

Intelligent and educated people fail; talented people fail; people born in wealth fail, so resources are not the problem.

Lack of perseverance is! We don’t persist; we don’t endure; we give up too quickly.

Taking action is the most challenging thing to do! Think about it!

There are many things I want to do. I want to speak Russian well. At first, I did not study, and after I decided to, I started with weekly lessons, then got distracted with other “more” important things.

I wanted to be a pianist and bought a piano; again, my euphoria lasted for a few weeks. I am still wanting to and trying to find the time to learn. I also started a hobby of putting together little car models, and this lasted for two months as well.

But, when we want something when something is important to us, we become obsessed! We find the time! We take relentless action! We make it our mission to achieve it! We fail, and we try again until we succeed.

We are committed, and we execute every day!

Like when I met the girl of my dreams and ended up marrying her!

When I bought my first set of drums and ended up playing professionally during my teenage years.

When I decided to see the world and ended up traveling 67 countries or when I decided to help people and now celebrated 22 years of work with our Charity Foundation, that has helped thousands of kids in the region where I live.

Or when I was broke and started my business, which also has lasted 22 years and continues to make progress and gives us the financial security my family needs.

All these things where possible, because I was committed and I was determined. In some cases, I had no choice but to succeed.

 I became resourceful! If I could not go up, I went under, If I could not go under, I went around it, but always found a way, why?

Because I had a compelling reason to do it! I created a momentum that kept me going for years!


was clear as to WHY I needed to do something, and then the HOW to do it came easier. When my kids were small, we were living in rented apartments, and we had to move often, as landlords decided to sell to others, do repairs, etc.

We got tired of moving, and I determined that we had to get our place for my family, for my kids, the why was obvious, the how was difficult, as we had limited resources those days!

But out of sheer determination, taking relentless action, even though sometimes I did not know how things would work out, I started to see the opportunities before me.

I was doing it for my kids. Sometimes our motivation is more significant when it is for others.

Taking action created a certainty that was hard to stop, and just a year later, we moved to our new home.

And this has been the difference in my life, the times that I succeeded! And the times that I failed were when I just dribbled away.

I have learned and understand that execution is the real power and the tool for achieving anything we want in life.

I knew I could do it, so I took action, the actions produced positive results that encouraged my certainty and belief in my ability and the more effort I put in, the more confident I became and the more results I saw.

Human being has great potential! But sometimes it is hard to believe it as the results in our lives do not reflect it. What we can do is impressive, but what we do is disappointing!

What is your mission? What motivates you? In what area of your life are you ready to take determined action and persevere till you succeed? 

Nothing succeeds like success, and nothing fails like a failure!

Do you know how hard Michael Jordan practiced? He did 1500 shots a day! That is why he was so good!

He took action! I am sure he got tired, bored, discouraged. I am sure he got sick and had personal problems at home and work, but none of this stopped him, he was determined, and he was one of the greatest in the sports world. Was it easy? No, but he made no excuses.

See yourself as you want to be, know what you want to have, and then go for it!

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser