Mother/Daughter Team Help Students with Learning Differences Navigate College Selection

Transitions in life can be overwhelming, stressful, and scary.  Applying to college is one of those transitions. Deciding which colleges to apply to, and then going through the application process, can take a toll on a teenager’s emotions and mental wellbeing. Teenagers with learning differences often have an extra hurdle to overcome. 

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your current situation is, it’s important to know that you can overcome any hurdle that comes your way. It takes dedication, courage, and commitment to your vision. This is a paradigm that not only needs to be taught but also needs to be embodied.

Meet Elizabeth and Rebecca Rehfeld – The Mom/Daughter Duo Helping Students Achieve their dream of Attending a Four Year College or University 

Elizabeth and Rebecca believe that every student deserves the opportunity to pursue their dream of achieving a post-secondary education. They share a passion for creating equity for students with learning differences and other “out-of-the-box” challenges.  Their goal is to make the college preparation, selection, and admission process  fun, meaningful, and stress-free for all students they work with. Their end goal is for students to get accepted into a college or university that will challenge and excite them.

Elizabeth, a Marriage and Family Therapist, started Bound4College,LLC in 2004 after learning that very few college counselors were willing to work with students whose records were less than exemplary. After working with adolescents as a therapist, she recognized that many students struggled academically because they were not traditional learners, had learning differences, and struggled with social, emotional, familial, and psychological issues. She spent a year researching colleges that welcome intelligent and capable out-of-the-box students. Her passion, which she shared with her own children, is for students to find their purpose by developing intellectual curiosity and to not be burdened by the name and prestige of a college or university.

Rebecca’s college experience ignited a fire within her to learn for the sake of learning instead of only focusing on the grades she received, which sparked her interest in working in education.  

Paying it Forward By Helping Others

Rebecca graduated from college and began working for test-prep and tutoring companies. During this time, Rebecca provided free advice on pursuing college education to students with learning differences and/or low test scores as she discovered that families of students who did not meet the typical college profile were scrambling for help and resources. 

Inspired by her mom’s mission to help improve the education system for marginalized students, Rebecca earned her Master’s in Education in 2014 with a credential in Special Education. Shortly after, she was hired by a private high school in Los Angeles to jumpstart their post-secondary counseling program.

After three years working as an administrator, counselor, and teacher and two years of building relationships with families at other schools, Rebecca left the high school to become a full-time independent college counselor. Rebecca joined Bound4College, LLC in 2017. 

Elizabeth and Rebecca now co-own Bound4College,LLC and work virtually with students nationally and internationally. Elizabeth continues to serve students with the same level of dedication and love that caused her to found Bound4College.  Rebecca’s wish is to continue empowering students to allow education to help them find their most authentic selves so that they can pursue amazing lives for themselves and their communities. 

About Bound4College’s Services

Bound4College, LLC is a full-service college counseling company that offers comprehensive, virtual, nationwide services. They specialize in helping students with the college preparation, selection, and admission processes. With compassion, humor, and experience, Elizabeth and Rebecca support all students achieve their educational dreams.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Bound4College’s services and passion, please reach out to Elizabeth and Rebecca through their website.