Can one be considered a fanatic of a person who preaches a healthy lifestyle? Yes, and, on the one hand, this is bad, because many fanatics of a healthy lifestyle try to impose their culture on the “unenlightened”. On the other hand, they do it absolutely sincerely, because, having tasted a healthy life, it is almost impossible to come back.

I was very pleased to see that several people, inspired by my example, also embarked on the path of proper nutrition and minimizing bad habits. The only trouble is that there were dozens of people who learned from me, as I lost weight, and only a few of them took advantage of the advice.

I used to think it was their fault. Over time, I began to be inclined to believe that the reason was in me, because I could not interest them. Looking back, I understand that with the present (albeit relatively small) experience, I can be much more interested. I tried to choose the reasons for which I can not imagine myself without a healthy lifestyle, and I hope that soon you will not be able to imagine.

You will stop to satisfy only the lowest needs.

You must have heard about Maslow’s pyramid. This is a scheme that divides human needs by levels: from the lowest to the highest. This is how it looks.

If for you the only joy is to eat, then you are in the ass. Ass Maslow’s pyramid.
Since the satisfaction of physiological needs is the lowest level of the pyramid. And I am by no means saying that enjoying sex, food and sleep is bad, no. The bottom line is that the higher the level of the pyramid, the more diverse and the more fun you get. And a healthy lifestyle is the top of the pyramid.

You develop, become better, set goals and achieve them. Ultimately, you will enjoy what you enjoy. Closed, but very nice circle.

Think long term

Now you want to eat a sandwich, smoke a cigarette or score a workout. These are short-term pleasures. What comes out in the long run? A sandwich turns into extra pounds, a cigarette becomes impossible to run more than a kilometer without shortness of breath, and missed training results in a year of absence of any activity.

Conversely, starting to train right now, not tomorrow, not from the first day, not from the new year, you create a wonderful long-term perspective for yourself. You gradually turn into a person who can practically everything and who every day learns something new about his body.

Early old age

It’s not even that by encouraging bad habits, you will die earlier. The fact is that you will grow old much faster. And you know without me that this is fraught with not only a poor appearance, but also a limitation in possibilities. Want to lie on the couch and do nothing? And what if after a while you will not have the opportunity to get up from the couch?

You diversify your life

You have no idea how much emotion a sport adds and how versatile it can be. You can ride bicycles with friends out of town, go jogging in a snowy forest or make an exhausting march, running away from zombies. And I have not lost my mind.

Moreover, you will have new friends and acquaintances. Sport brings together.

You will become more beautiful

And there is a hidden advantage. Seeing your changes for the better, you will become more confident in yourself, and it may even seem to others that you will become angrier. In the end, let’s be clean: healthy and athletic people are treated better. And if you are dealing with people, then this is another plus in the piggy bank.

That’s all. You rise from the bottom of Maslow’s pyramid, get a brighter future, protect yourself from early age and become more beautiful. The price is also great: you have to work on yourself almost every day. Getting started will be difficult, over time it will become easier and easier – until you ask yourself how you lived without all this before. And then you remember this article and understand that I and many others were right.