There comes a moment in the life of every person when motivational words strike a chord deep within and they start doing the things that will lead them to enjoy a life that has meaning and can become one of those inspiring stories we look to emulate. We cling to those words because we cannot seem to find inspiration inside ourselves. They serve as a catalyst for our desire to change and reach our goals.

In plain terms, our actions are motivated by two reasons: firstly because of our own will and secondly, due to external factors. Those internally motivated actions fueled by our own desires and requirements need a lot more deal of courage to be put into practice than the second category which uses pressure in making us complete the tasks at hand. This is why motivational words give us the final push to take immediate action and try to fulfill our dreams. Due to our past experiences, some motivational words have a greater impact than others on how we choose to perform certain task or relate to those around us.

The positive effect of encouraging words is well-known from the inspirational stories of successful entrepreneurs that only needed a handful of encouraging words from their mothers or a close relative to go out in the world and start their future million dollars businesses. The same people are the ones that offer in their turn encouraging words to their employees knowing how productive they will be the moment someone with power and such inspiring stories acknowledges their efforts inside a company or firm.

The same principle is nowadays used in the evolved educational systems with students with an IQ above average. It is widely accepted the idea that positive reinforcement and reward are beneficial for the process of learning and that their efforts come from a desire to be acclaimed by their peers. Motivational words become a mantra for the working bee, thus turning into discipline and consistent need to do better no matter the area. The most successful people agree that the formula of success is made up of hard work, words of encouragement, the individual’s predisposition to view life from a positive point of view and, of course, an ability to seize the opportunities that stand in front of us at all moments. This is what those inspiring stories we cannot escape hearing about are made of. We must find a purpose for our life and not simply live, but change what needs changing, improve what can be improved.

No matter the moment in which those motivational words come to us, it is our life experience up until that moment that gives us the ability to understand and apply them accordingly in our life in order to gain momentum and reach to fulfill our dreams. Inspiring stories do not just happen for those of us who wait to be dragged along through life. We must be those who have control of where are lives are heading and the instruments we use to turn our own lives into inspiring stories that will outlive us.