I was this studious girl, good in academics and above average in extra curricular activities.

I was among the Top 10 during my school graduation, College 2nd in undergraduate and a Gold Medalist in postgraduate. Participated in skit and school choir and made sure I play badminton with my brothers during the weekend. (I love sports!!!)

After my post graduation I followed my passion of crochet and design and I created a blog of my own I created a business I Love.

I Was awarded as Top blogger and Young Entrepreneur and featured in various websites.

But this sorry never stopped few people to inject negativity, or maybe it was this sense of jealousy in them that I was doing good!

They made fun that I was a Postgraduate working from home. I agree I can be making money sh** load of money through a job but deep down within I wouldn’t be happy because I was never meant for it but rather to create a business of my own and help other women entrepreneurs and bloggers accomplish SUCCESS! I was able to achieve much more than them (who thought i wasn’t doing anything useful).

I was able to merge my skills and education into an amazing Biz right from home. (Education is GOLD! and I’m proud that I have such amazing parents who allowed and encouraged me to Aim Higher despite the social & relatives pressure)

I never wanted to prove somebody else that I was good at what I do on neither did I want to achieve somebody else’s success, but instead I always wanted to compete with myself and get a step further. I wanted to prove myself that I’m capable of achieving more and I never stopped learning and working towards it.

Do not let others negativity deter your journey to success. Stick to your PASSION, work towards your GOAL, be true to yourself and SURROUND yourself with the ones who support you during this journey!

And There’s no stopping you!

And that’s what made me reach this far! And you can too.