Moving forward in life, always believe in one thing, people who love you or like you will always adore you and appreciate the hard work & purpose for which you are doing. And people who don’t they will not , no matter whatever you achieve in your life.

In everyday life, no day is similar. Some days are more productive and some days are spent on either day-dreaming or purposefully wasting time on unproductive things such as watching entire day TV serials, movies or hanging out with friends (gossiping or debating about politics). It’s ok if you are taking a break once in a while. But what happens is that once you start wasting your days often, it becomes a habit. You won’t feel like studying anymore as you are now more worried about covering backlogs. You will not again start preparation because you have lost the rhythm. You fell like escaping from this situation and start looking for alternatives – a backup job, a part-time job to sustain yourself, or even thoughts of quitting competition and it starts affecting yours peace of mind. 

Slowly you will lose control on your emotions. Happiness will be the victim. You will not enjoy your day anymore. You will start avoiding even dreaming about your goals – as you no longer see them as achievable. You will start distancing yourself from family and friends – as you are low in self-confidence and start seeing yourself as loser. 

Is there a solution to this problem?

If you introspect, you will see that it’s your own digging that you have fallen prey to. The solution to this problem lies in self realisation that no human being is perfect. And starting your day believing strongly that you will certainly fail to achieve 100 percent of the targets that you have set for yourself to achieve on the same day.

If you are hell bent to complete all tasks in a day, then plan less tasks for a day. Don’t be over ambitious and plan too many things. If you fail to achieve your targets, you will stop planning and stop achieving. Notice that it’s in those Eureka moments of extreme self-motivation and exuberance that you become over-ambitious and strive to achieve too many things in too little time. In these moments, calm yourself down and open your eyes to the fact that there many more days ahead of you to achieve your tasks and there is no urgency to finish things off in a day.

Completely achieving few small tasks will give you huge boost of confidence to do achieve more tasks in coming days. Even if there are too many things to be done, do few at a time. You will become more efficient in achieving more and more once you are consistent in not wasting your days anymore. 

Even when you are on a roll, some days will be inevitably lost. Just forget the lost time. Don’t worry about missed targets. If you want to move ahead and achieve your main goal, don’t look back. Look ahead and focus on completing present and future tasks. This is the secret to success. The moment you start sulking over wasted opportunities and time, you will compromise both your present and future. 

The moment you wake up, see the day as an opportunity to regain your energy and happiness back. Whatever be your present situation, you should still feel happy for being alive and healthy. Start enjoying small things around you. Stop worrying about distractions around you. Let your prime focus be on achieving targets that you have set for yourself. Be determined to stay strong. Be powerful to face any adversity that comes in your way. 

Ignore small setbacks. If you look at the world around you, everyone is fighting their own setbacks – small or big. Nobody actually has time to worry about your setbacks. Even if someone is worried about your setback, it’s temporary. It’s you who worries a lot. It’s you who will fall victim to these worries. 

Stay strong, despite all your imperfections. Keep going, despite all setbacks. Some day you will reach greater heights than the heights you aspire to scale today. 

If you want your life and results to improve, what has to happen, you have to improve for things to change things. To get better you have to get better and when you get better everything in your life it’s better with you.