Many people have their own guess as to what well-being is. But for the vast majority, thriving means feeling good. Well-being occurs when the optimal conditions are present for the individual or a group to experience well-being. This is reflected, among other things, in profits, ability to act and balance in working life. Well-being is the crucial foundation for a long-term and qualified task solution as well as good performance.

As human beings, we must thrive in order to perform our best over a longer period. Mr Karam Alhamad is a Human Rights activist, petroleum engineering student & most importantly, a free-spirited artist. Here are six reasons by Mr Karam why it is good business to spend resources on employees well-being.

Reason #1: Well-being is a prerequisite for the individual employee can perform at his job and solve his tasks in the best way.

Reason #2: Well-being creates the foundation for creativity and development. An employee who thrives will typically be more creative in its problem-solving.

Reason #3: An employee who thrives has more profits for friends, family and leisure. It is contagious on employee performance at work and increases the employee’s pride and joy in his professional performance.

Reason #4: Well-being has a positive effect on the employee’s health. When the employee thrives, the immune system is strengthened and he or she is smaller sick and gaining more energy.

Reason #5: Employees who thrive have profits to help a colleague who may not thrive. That can be both a helping hand for a task or a good talk about it, which is difficult straight now.

Reason #6: Better well-being creates better employees. Employees are becoming more productive and sickness absence is declining. There is too a large extent an economic incentive to strengthen employee well-being.