Which entrepreneur does not want leadership and motivation tips ? In fact, knowing how to listen to others, being open to suggestions and always being willing to learn and train are leadership characteristics that help motivate your team!

Leading and motivating are skills that go hand in hand and get to be confused. After all, a leader who does not know how to motivate, cannot be a good leader and, on the other hand, it is impossible to adequately lead a team that is not motivated!

If you are willing to learn some leadership and motivation tips, this post written by entrepreneur Mukundsinh Solanki will serve as a glove for you. 

We selected 8 magic words that make all the difference when it comes to leading and motivating teams. Use them whenever you need to encourage your team and guide your path to success!

8 Leadership and motivation tips: use these words in your daily life!

1- Valorization

Value your employees, their opinions and suggestions. Show that your skills and abilities are worth a lot to you and the company as a whole. Make sure that his work makes a difference so that everyone can achieve the best results.

2- Integration

A collaborator who does not feel integrated into the team and the company cannot be motivated. It is necessary to welcome all new employees and maintain a positive organizational climate, in which everyone feels they are part of a team that seeks common goals. In addition, teams and departments must also be integrated, avoiding the formation of so-called “cliques”.

3- Information

The famous sentence already says: who doesn’t know where to go, will never get there!

Let your employees know about strategic decisions, objectives defined by top management and how they are part of this company’s effort, clearly indicating the goals, tasks and functions of each one.

4- Recognition

Whoever does better and stands out deserves to be recognized and, preferably, rewarded for it. An employee who wears the company’s shirt and leaves it sweaty will soon lose this momentum if he realizes that they don’t value him for it.

5- Challenge

Gradually, high-performance employees begin to tire of doing more of the same. They want to show how far they can go. Challenge your best talents to go further. Otherwise, you risk losing them to the competition…

6- Feedback

You inform your team, value your ideas, define tasks and launch challenges. Afterwards, it does not give the due return. Nobody knows the result of their actions, what worked and what failed. Praise victories in public and report failures in private. And be sure to celebrate with all the big hits!

7- Training

Without training it is difficult for your team to be motivated and accept your leadership because, in fact, they do not know very well how to carry out their tasks. Go beyond formal training and encourage language, undergraduate and graduate courses, if possible, with financial assistance.

8- Example

One of the biggest reasons for leaving a company and not seeing competence and commitment in its leader. Nothing more demotivating than having to follow orders from someone you don’t value. This is one of the most important leadership and motivation tips: Be an example for your team!

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