I had the opportunity to attend the Verizon “All about WE” conference for women where Arianna Huffington introduced the new Thrive app. This app was a tool to help improve the quality of our lives personally and professionally. I was excited to begin the journey and chose a “Focus” Microstep.

I chose this particular Microstep because I truly believe the more present we are in our lives, the more we can make a difference each day. All we ever have is the present moment, and when we focus our energy in the present moment, magic and miracles happen. As working women and men, our minds tend to go into 100 directions as we multitask and try to get everything done at once. I wanted to learn about different tools to place in my toolbox to keep me present, focused, and thriving in any environment I was in. 

I have been using the app for the past month and loving it. I look forward to the daily reminders and articles to remind me to put my oxygen mask on first, breathe, and then begin to seize the day. This allows me to be the best leader I can be for my team.

Thank you for providing an app to remind us that our mind, body and soul are all connected and when we bring our best authentic self, we elevate all those around us.

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