Now that we have the kids eating habits/diets sorted out, next on the list is keeping them occupied.

Below are Eight different ideas to amuse your young ones and help you and them get through these trying times.

Idea #1- Dressing Up/Fancy Dress.

We’ve all got clothes and “accessories” for the kids to try on.

Don’t forget to take photos and share with friends & family- it’s a great way of staying in touch.

Idea #2- Building Blocks.

Build it and then take it apart, piece by piece.

Great for dexterity and visio-spacial exercise.

Idea #3- Bubbles.

Who doesn’t remember chasing and bursting bubbles?

The kids can take turns in who is bubble blowing and who is bubble busting!

Idea #4- Daily Workout.

Quality family time together- everyone working out together.

This is a personal favorite- staying in shape is vital, particularly when we are not getting out to exercise-we have to make the time and work out, so why not with the kids?

For the full list check out this Youtube Video Clip: