If you are lucky enough to be working remotely from home, you are in a good position. Position is really the core of whether you get through this period with no neck/back ache.

Below are a few “tips” for ergonomic work space and methods of getting through the day while working from home.

Screen Height:

Sitting or Standing: Either way ensure that the screen is at the right height.


Standing while working is also good- it breaks the monotony and allows your body to stretch. Break the day into sitting and standing sessions.

Location, Location, Location:

Too many distractions in the Kitchen.

Set yourself up for success- the kitchen is NOT the place to be.

Take it Outside:

A change is a good as a rest, lucky enough to have a yard, or porch? Excellent for a new environment.

Video Calls:

Make sure you know the dress code- you don’t want to be the only one in PJs or a Tie!

For more information check out the “Spinal Health While Working From Home, Tips From Munear Ashton Kouzbari” article here: