Muntaha Zulfikar Shah is a Kashmir based writer and a calligraphy artist who by her work made a name in the artistic world. Muntaha, besides being a writer is a calligraphy artist who has her hands on bringing her thoughts into a definite shape. Aged 24, she was born and brought up in Srinagar, Kashmir. Since childhood, she was so interested in trying new things. Even faced a lot of criticism but at the end of the day, has become one of the must prominent writers from Kashmir. She never hesitated in experimenting. At a young age she started to show interest in Calligraphy and with time had her hands on writing with a vision of becoming one of the finest.

Muntaha has also been published in a number of anthologies as a co-author. Among her published works is a book– sure to change your life, and the whole world – that accurately portrays the relationship between one’s self and the moment s/he ever wished to spend along. “The Moment I Never Spent”. A 97 pages long anthology and published by The Shared Pen Publications, a venture of The Shared Pen Official.

Apart from anthologies, she’s into calligraphy, writes poems, records podcasts about a vast number of subjects and regularly keeps her facebook and Instagram to teach many valuable things to others. Apart from all of this, Muntaha Shah, recently joined “The Sharedpen Pen”, a literary platform, which is now gaining popularity among celebrities and is working with a number of writers from across the country as well as abroad. From the daily writing prompts to a well established publishing venture, Shared Pen Official provides writers an unmatched experience of reading and writing on digital spaces.

She goes on Instagram by @rendering_verses and aligning_lines with providing a good content, that comes with her number of followers. She uses all the platforms to give her readers an essence of art she’s into.