Murs Alison is a social media influencer helping people unlock their creative powers and become ‘Wild and Basic’ which is the name of his podcast. In the podcast, his latest outreach project, he exemplifies authenticity and self-expression by exploring different parts of his journey as an individual and a social media influencer. Murs believes in creating deep connections with all members of his audience. His insights cut to a deeper truth within all people.

The empowering 26-year-old has a vibrant, outgoing personality that lends itself beautifully to the type of media he creates now, which spans fashion, lifestyle, skincare, grooming, mental health, and more.  At the beginning of his career, Instagram was his main platform where things changed forever. Murs has just about 59 thousand Instagram followers today! In order to reach an even larger audience, Murs decided to diversify through YouTube and TikTok, too.  

After Murs got his Bachelor’s Degree, it was hard for him to find full-time work right away. Finding time to pursue his passion while working a part-time job, he would post a lot of his design work on Instagram. His work was quickly noticed, and he began creating content for Fanta, Uniqlo, and H&M. The recognition really feeds his soul. Murs loves to pass this good energy along and spread it far and wide. He sometimes does product giveaways on his social accounts. He has been able to donate 10% of the sales from his clothing to organizations that support black-owned businesses.

One of Murs’ biggest moments as an influencer and graphic designer was when Parsons School of Design requested he come to share his journey. Parsons is one of the top design schools in the US for graphic design. For an influencer to get invited to speak at Parsons is a huge accomplishment.  Murs’ growth mindset led him to get a Master’s Degree, he started a clothing label called Murs & Co (@mursnco). His personal hope is for his clothing label Murs & Co to be carried at major retailers like Urban Outfitters, Bloomingdales, and Verishop as a mid-tier niche brand.

With all the negativity, the trolling, and fake lifestyles posted on social media, Murs wants his audience to know: “Styles or trends come and go, but what’s truly meant for us will always be there.” Each and every day Murs strives to help others feel less alone as he continues on his journey to bettering himself and others daily through art. With his unique artful flair and lots of hard work, Murs Alison champions his goals and empowers others to do the same. 

Murs Alison is extremely strict in his workout routine while also engaging in active sports like hiking, swimming, kayaking, and dancing. Crediting much of his creativity to his active lifestyle, Murs shares “This has contributed tremendously to my success as I do have a certain style and aesthetic that I follow and apply, and I think brands see that as well.” He admits that it can be exhausting to grow a brand on multiple social media platforms, but it’s well worth it in terms of benefits. Murs has spent many hours on youtube and blogs to learn how to monetize his talents and influence. Overcoming obstacles is really rewarding. Murs Alison continues to forge his unique path socially and he wants you to know you can too.