FAT PANDA TUAN is a Vietnamese-American independent hip hop artist. He was born in Vietnam but currently resides in Germantown, Maryland. FAT PANDA TUAN is a well-known individual in the field of the fitness industry. He has fame in the world’s best trainers to help the trainees.

He was a training director and general manager at La Fitness, he is a certified and conditioning specialist in weight loss and body fitness and strength. The main popularity of Tuan as the FAT PANDA TUAN is due to the album “Shinobi Tempura” released in 2018.

Besides fitness, TUAN also is a chef and a big food fan. His mother runs a small catering business. He learned his cooking skills from his mother.

He used to run a meal prep business serving his training clients.

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Tuan mostly prepared the food for his clients with his Mother but he is food connoisseur when it comes to the gourmet flavors and authentic foods. Tuan prefers authentic food over any other thing. 

Besides the fitness, he is also a musician. He is influenced by Japanese culture. Tuan has the dope animated artworks for his music.  They integrate Japanese cultural theme’s, and modern anime and manga type art. He is naturally an energetic and humorous person. 

As the healthy body has healthy mind, so the fitness gave the more confidence to the TUAN to become successful in the field of music as well in the field of fitness.

He remained working in the fitness industry as a general manager and personal trainer for years but his love for the Hip-Hop kept him calling back to the music.  

Tuan described his urge about music as “I was happy training people because what i love to do.. but something inside of me felt a strong need to be expressed. I dealt with depression as a child and music was always very therapeutic for me. When I’m making music I feel confident and alive! I like to boost people up when i train them.  I also want them to feel like that when they listen to my music.”

During the 2018, Tuan adopted the moniker as FAT PANDA TUAN after putting all his focus in the field of music as well as in the field of fitness. In the field of music he is considered among the Vietnamese rappers that are heavily cultured in Hip-Hop.

The latest project of FAT PANDA TUAN is “Shinobi Tempura” and it is currently streaming on all the digital music platforms including Google Play, Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal.

According to TUAN, I want my listeners to catch a positive vibe after listening my songs as I do a lot of melodic singing and rapping and my bars are creative to make music that makes the people feel good. I want my listeners to empower them with confidence and hype them up. 


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