Video marketing has gained popularity over the years. This is because most people prefer and relate better to visuals. In addition, attaching music to those videos make visuals even better and more attractive to watch. Most business people cringe at the thought of acquiring quality music for their videos since most of it is very costly. However, with the availability of royalty free music, the cost is no longer a big issue. MelodyLoops and many others offer high-quality music at reasonable fees.

Meaning of Royalty free Music

Royalty free music does not by any means refer to free music. IT is simply music that one acquires without paying royalties to the owner. You will still be required to pay a fee but no taxes are attached to the fee. The payment is done once and you gain full and unlimited access to that music. Some music owners can also allow you to use their music for free as long as you give them credit on your marketing videos.

Why Music is Necessary

It is believed and proven that music has a great effect on the human brain. That is why most people can easily remember particular music in a video. This helps their minds to unfold the other details of the video. If you choose the right music for your marketing videos, your audience will grasp and remember the message better. Every time they replay the music in their minds they will definitely recall where they got it from.

The emotional impact that good music creates cannot be discounted. With the right choice of music attached to every video, peoples’ emotions are well appealed to. Visuals plus good and relevant music create a good brand perception among viewers. Sometimes people may ignore the contents of a visual but the power of music will recapture their attention. Some musical instruments like the acoustic guitar evoke feelings of calmness allowing the viewer to pay attention.

Facts about Royalty Free Music

  • Not Free of Charge

The term royalty free does not mean that the music is available for free. Rather it means that you can obtain the music at a fee without paying royalties to the owner. You will also not be subjected to taxation as you acquire this kind of music.

  • High-Quality Music

Some people think that royalty free music is usually of low quality just because it is tax-free. That is however not the case. This kind of music is well-recorded and the sound used is of very high quality. There are legit sites that offer royalty free music and their sources are good.

  • Diversified Music

Royalty-free music can be of any genre and there is no one particular genre that is preferred over the other. Business people have different advertising needs hence the need to have all sorts of music for each to suit themselves.

Why Royalty Free Music

Some people would rather just gather some music free of charge to include in their marketing videos in the name of cutting costs. However, the one-time payment made for royalty free music is worth your every penny. Below are some of the benefits of choosing royalty free music for your videos:

  • Peace of Mind

Royalty free music operates outside the bounds of creative commons licenses. This means as long as you have paid your initial fee, you have acquired the rights to the music. Even if the original owner decides to change the songs’ licenses, you are protected legally.

  • Right to Modification

Once you have gone through the process and have acquired the rights to particular music, you can modify it all you want. You are not required to acknowledge or attribute to the artist as you use these songs.

  • High-Quality Music is guaranteed

Unlike most of the music that is available for free, royalty free music is usually of high quality. The sound is good and everything is on point. All you need is to pay the one-time fee and access good music to better your marketing videos.

Royalty free music has numerous benefits that cannot be ignored. The discussion above will be of benefit as you decide on whether this kind of music is good for your business or not.


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