Michael Insigno, or Emicii, is an Italian producer and he is now a well established musician known in the international scene. He published his music on famous worldwide music labels, reached many charts on famous music digital stores such us Beatport, Spotify, iTunes and many more

As we can see from his professional path, he started very early to dedicate himself to the world of music, let’s see how this passion was born and what it meant for him to become a professional musician.

Since childhood he has always been attracted to music, listening to pop and commercial music. He started to produce music in his room, with a pair of old headphones and a simple pc: his first tracks published on Soundcloud, were remixes of famous tracks, until he increased his skills that led him shortly after to publish with various record labels, the first original hits. His hard work also led him to be in great demand around the world as a DJ. Among other passions, he is also involved in singing, acting, and is also an entrepreneur, among other projects he works on.

Michael, What would you say has been your most rewarding professional experience?

Every day I am gratified by my work. Every time my fans listen to my music, compliment me, ask for photos around in the evenings, ask for suggestions on how to take this path, all this is fantastic.  I’ve recently released an album, so for now I’ll take a break, but and i’m looking forward to new fantastic music adventures.

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