Memorizing Quran

Do you want to make your kid hifz? But failed to do so; if this is your problem, then you are at the right place. It is very hard for kids to memorize Quran. As a parent, you can do a lot of things to help your kid to become a hifz.

Here in this article, I came up with some proven advice for parents that can help kids to become hifz easily. If you are serious about making your kid Quran hifz, then this article is a great aid for you. So, don’t quit reading here.

Advice for Parents to Help Their Kids Memorizing Quran

First, know if your kid is interested in Quran Memorizing or not

Before making the final decision of making your child Quran Hifz, make sure that your children have interests in it. Otherwise, you should not force your children to become Hifz, if he/she doesn’t have interests. Better you develop interest for your kid to become Quran hifz. Then you can start teaching them Quran memorizing.

Admit your kid to the best Quran academy

If you find that your kid is interested in Quran memorizing, then the next step is to provide him/her the best Quran teacher so that your kid can memorize Quran correctly.

When it comes to choosing a Quran teacher, you have three options. You can send your kid to a mosque, hire a personal teacher, and admit your kid to an online Quran academy. These days online Quran academy is a very popular way for learning Quran. They provide native Arabic teachers. If you want to teach your kid Quran in the correct way, then this is the better option.

Check that your kid attends all the classes or not

Does a parent role end after hiring a teacher or admitting to Quran academy? No, as a parent, you should ensure that your kid is attending all the classes. If your kid misses one class, then not only will your money be wasted, but also it will hamper your kid’s journey to become hifz.

You should check every day your kid is attending Quran classes or not. Moreover, you should also connect with the teacher and ask him/her about your kid’s performance.

Make sure that your kid is getting enough nutrition

What plays the most important role in memorizing Quran? It is the memory. If your children’s memory is sharp, she/he will memorize Quran fast. If your kid’s memory is not sharp then, he/she won’t be able to memorize Quran fast. That’s why you should make sure that your kid is getting enough nutrition. For getting better nutrition, you can give your children vitamin B, fatty acid-enriched food, egg, blueberries, fatty fish, nuts, broccoli, nuts, etc. These foods are great for memory improvement.

Motivate your children

It doesn’t matter what your goal is. If you can’t remain motivated along your journey, then you wouldn’t be able to reach your goal. This is true for everyone. Memorizing Quran is a very hard job. It is easy for a kid to become demotivated. They could think that it is impossible to memorize Quran. Therefore, you should motivate your kid that it is possible to memorize Quran. If you can, show few examples around your kid. It works better than anything. Tell your kid if those people can memorize, you can also memorize Quran.

Give your kid rewards

Can you remember your parent offered rewards in your childhood for getting something done? This is true for almost every person. This is the trick many parents apply to their kids at some point in their life. Even this is the best way to motivate your kid to do anything. Therefore, you can apply this method to your kid’s Quran memorization. Give your kid surprises at different times for Quran memorizing. You can set goals for your kid on Quran memorizing. When your kid reaches a goal, reward her/him with a gift. 

Final words

Quran memorizing is not an easy task, especially for kids. There are a lot of kids who start Quran memorization but left after few days. Parents can play a significant role in making their kid’s Quran memorization journey successful. If you follow the above advice for kids’ Quran memorization, you could be able to help your kid becoming a hifz.