Must-Have Employee Productivity Tools for 2023

It is impossible to run a business without employees. After all, they keep everything running smoothly. In short, they’re the lifeblood of your business.

For your team to succeed, you must ensure that they are satisfied and equipped with the right tools. At the same time in many cases, that seems more difficult than it actually is.

In order to help your team excel at work, you can invest in productivity tools. Using these technologies improves time management among workers by reducing repetitive grunt work, simplifying collaboration and communications, and streamlining everyday processes.

With so many options, which tools are the best investments? If you want to narrow down your search, here is a list of useful tools your company might find useful.

What is Employee Productivity?

Employee productivity is sometimes called workforce productivity. Generally, this refers to how efficiently workers complete tasks or how long it takes them. It is important for individuals and businesses to be able to plan their work logically based on employee productivity.

Say you are responsible for writing blog posts on a daily basis. By determining how long each blog post takes, including research time, you can determine a reasonable daily workload.

Why is Employee productivity Important?

The first step to improving employee productivity is understanding how to measure it and helping workers complete simple tasks faster so that they can focus on what makes their jobs meaningful.

People who are hired to develop creative strategies probably do not want to spend 50% of their time entering data, searching for documents that are difficult to find, or filling out client briefs. With the right tools, all of these tasks can easily be automated. An employee who spends most of his or her time doing mundane administrative tasks will likely burn out and have a high turnover rate.

Why is speed so important? Employees who are more productive complete tasks more efficiently, saving valuable energy and time. This allows workers to focus their energy on more challenging and meaningful tasks.

The productivity of the workplace can also have a positive impact on the overall performance of the business. As an example, consider a team of customer service representatives. Quick response to customer inquiries is a component of good customer service. Customer service teams can measure response time to emails or phone calls by using the right tools. Additionally, they can use productivity tools to improve response times.

Customer relationship management tools, for example, can gather basic information about a customer, eliminating the need for a customer service representative to spend time on tedious administrative tasks. By focusing on the problem at hand, the employee can solve it more effectively. Both customers and employees can benefit from this system.

What is the result?

  • Increased worker satisfaction, which helps retain talent.
  • When employees have the right tools, they can focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible instead of worrying about how to use the incorrect tool for the job.
  • The building of a loyal clientele depends on customer satisfaction, which is essential to the reputation of a business.
  • Reduces the risk of burnout and maintains a healthy work-life balance by avoiding wasted effort.

In order for your business to succeed, you must preserve the well-being of your team. Let’s take a look at some of the most helpful tools.

Best Employee Productivity Tools for 2023

1. Calendar

While you may feel like you’re spending too much time entering and revising information across time management tools, you may actually be spending more time organizing your time. Using AI, Calendar learns your schedule and organizes, books, and updates meetings and events automatically. Furthermore, it syncs across multiple calendars and devices, helping you focus on your top priorities.

Features that stand out include:

  • Calendars can be shared and users can be designated as to which calendars they see
  • Calendar analytics that show where you’re opening your time every day.
  • Attendees are automatically invited and scheduled for meetings
  • Analytics tools can reveal how you spend time with people and in meetings by assessing calendar data
  • Supports multiple digital calendars, including Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal, as well as other email, project management, and collaboration programs.

2. Microsoft 365

In terms of office productivity suites, Microsoft Office is probably the platform most people think of first, especially the cloud-based Microsoft 365.

MS Office’s ability to integrate data between multiple applications and move it between them has led it to become the market leader. In essence, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook cover all aspects of office work, including documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and emails. Furthermore, OneDrive allows you to backup and save your files online.

There are alternative office suites, but most try to keep up with Microsoft instead of providing innovative features. And MS Office still offers the most comprehensive features of any office suite. Also. you will likely be working with document formats created specifically for MS Office, and handling data from customers and suppliers who also use MS Office — regardless of whether you choose one of these alternatives.

Despite its critics, Microsoft Office does office productivity better than anyone else, and the core applications in Office have not been improved.

3. ProofHub

Managing or working on projects can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and disorganization. ProofHub is an all-in-one task management and project management software that keeps things organized, increases accountability, facilitates communication, and creates a sense of community. Everything related to your work, projects, and teams is in one place.

Features include:

  • Assign specific tasks to specific individuals
  • Organize workflow by uploading files and documents
  • Collaboration with better time control
  • Oversee each step’s time spent

4. Zapier

With Zapier, you can automate a wide range of work processes. With it, you can create trigger-and-response workflows with over 4,000 apps. The tool can, for example, send a custom tweet after publishing a blog post.

Besides sending emails, setting calendar notifications, and publishing Slack notifications, you can also automate the process with this tool. In short, using Zapier, you can automate many processes across multiple platforms.

As a result of that automation, the following benefits can be realized:

  • Simple tasks, such as posting on social media or sending reminder emails, can be automated, saving individuals and teams time.
  • Rather than spending their time on unimportant administrative tasks, workers can focus on more important tasks.
  • Enhance efficiency and reduce human intervention by creating multi-stop workflows.
  • Pre-programmed, machine-run processes reduce the risk of human error.

5. RescueTime

With RescueTime, you can automatically track the time you spend visiting different websites or using different apps on your computer or mobile device. Without distracting you, RescueTime quietly logs your activity in the background.

By setting yourself targets and alerts, you can improve your work habits. This tool enables you to see how much time you spend on your digital devices each day, so you can better estimate how much time you spend using them.

There is a free version of the app allowing you to analyze three months’ worth of data. But there are paid versions (starting at $6 per month) that have no limits.

With the free version, most people will be able to track their work across multiple devices and operating systems, including Mac OS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS.

6. Slack

Using Slack, workers can communicate and collaborate better. The fact that it can also share files makes it a good replacement for email at work. It saves us from long, tedious email chains. I’m talking about those that drag on forever.

You can also create different workspaces using Slack, which makes organization easier. A different workspace may be needed to simplify communication and avoid confusion between different teams or projects. Slack is also loved by companies for the following reasons:

  • Keeping workplace messaging secure with two-factor authentication.
  • Group workspaces, private channels, and individual direct messages are available through the intuitive user interface
  • Over 2,400 apps are integrated with HubSpot, including SalesForce, Twitter, Dropbox, Microsoft Outlook, Zoom, and HubSpot.

A Slack Standard subscription costs $6.67 per month per user (billed annually).

7. Beeminder

From tracking running and gym trips to recording how often you write and managing your to-do list, Beeminder is quite a unique tool. Beeminder can be used as an app or online – you define the goal and log your progress. Keeping to the ‘yellow brick road’ is a bit gamified; you’re trying to reach your goals, so on average you’re hitting them.

There is no limit to what can be tracked on a graph. Words written, hours worked, and contracts signed are some examples. In addition, staying within the golden zone can be hugely motivating.

If you are serious about staying on track, you can add your credit card to your account so that you will be fined if you fail to do so. There are some people who will not benefit from Beeminder. Nevertheless, it is worth trying to see if it works for you because it is so unique.

8. Pumble

You can collaborate and communicate with your team using Pumble’s business management platform. Different channels can be created for different projects and topics, and all the relevant people can join. Additionally, you can send direct messages to specific colleagues, if needed.

You can also customize your notifications with this app. For instance, you can pause your notifications for up to two hours if you want to do deep work. You will be able to stay focused on your assignment and complete it on time if you do this.

The real-time communication enabled by Pumble is especially useful for remote teams because all team members can communicate as if they were in the same location. In addition to offering unlimited users, unlimited chat history, and self-hosting, this tool also offers unlimited chat rooms. It’s also available for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and the web.

9. Chanty

Chanty is a team chat app that organizes your tasks and workflow, bringing your productivity to the next level. Not only is the app affordable, but it is also secure, so you can get more done faster. Chanty is used by more than 75,000 companies worldwide and helps with team projects and collaboration.

What are the best features?

  • Voice messages and video/audio calls
  • A Kanban board with rows and columns for tasks
  • Message history can be searched indefinitely
  • You can use the Teambook to keep track of all conversations, pinned messages, and any other important information

The basic version is Free while pricing for the Business plan is $3/person /month.

10. Adobe Acrobat

Due to the constant shift to the digital world, electronic documents are becoming increasingly important to everyone nowadays. In terms of file formats, PDF is king. And, for good reason.

PDFs are secure, customizable, and easily accessible. They’re also universally compatible and easy to share and collaborate with.

But, when it comes to PDFs, one name should instantly spring to mind. And, that’s Adobe Acrobat.

By using this tool, you can create fillable fields that can be filled out by another person without altering the rest of the form. With just a click of a button, they can also add their legal signature to your contracts and forms.

A PDF file can also be created by merging several documents into one. This way, you won’t lose important information due to attachment limits. You’ll find everything in one easy-to-read document.

Additionally, PDFs allow you to leave comments, sticky notes, and more right on the document, eliminating the frustration of back and forth. Using Adobe Acrobat online services, you can edit PDFs online right from your web browser – no software downloads required.

11. Clockify

Clockify allows you to create projects and tasks with time-tracking features and add unlimited users. Organize your team by assigning users to the right projects and tasks, estimating project time, and letting them track their time as they work. The system also helps you keep track of your team’s hourly rates and billable time so that your payroll is accurate.

Some of the best features include:

  • Creating tags for time entries
  • Defining viability
  • Incorporating descriptions into time entries

12. Dynalist

List-making is a breeze with Dynalist. Even better? You can make checklists with your lists once you’ve crafted them.

By setting due dates, you can also make notes and arrange items on your lists. Items can be categorized by labeling them with tags, color coding them, and linking them together. Additionally, Dynalist allows you to share files up to 50 MB with your team members.

Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, Chrome, and Firefox.

13. Streak for Gmail

When it comes to managing your emails, things can get a little tedious. But if you want to speed things up, you can try Streak for Gmail.

With this tool, it is possible to keep track of your emails, so you’ll know when and whether they have been opened. In addition, you can write an email now and send it later automatically.

Don’t forget to try the “snippets” option to save time. By using this feature, you can create templates and shortcuts for recurring emails.

Additionally, you can use CSV files to send multiple customized emails at once using the “Mail Merge” option.

Available on iOS, Android, and Chrome.

14. Reclaim

Have you overbooked yourself with meetings and appointments? By blocking off time for deep work, Reclaim for Google Calendar can help. Using Google Calendar directly, the app will automatically find an available time slot based on the amount of time you need and when you need it.

You can also make positive habits through Reclaim’s freestanding web app. And, it’s 100% free.

15. Engross

This time management app helps you focus on tasks and manage distractions. Among its most notable features is the Pomodoro timer. Through the Pomodoro technique, work is divided into small intervals, typically 25 to 30 minutes long, separated by short mini-breaks. By customizing the intervals, users can work and break for as long as they like though.

The distraction tracker is another useful feature. Whenever you get distracted, just press the screen, and the app will compile statistics about your most distracting moments.

You can download the app for free on Android and iOS.

16. Hootsuite

Does your job involve managing various social media platforms? If so, Hootsuite is the perfect tool for you.

For starters, Bulk Composer reduces your workload by allowing you to schedule multiple posts to appear simultaneously across multiple platforms. Additionally, when you use Hootsuite, your colleagues will have the option to make edits before your drafts are published. Also, you can monitor social media mentions of relevant topics and create ads.

Both iOS and Android apps are available.

17. FacileThings

Using David Allen’s GTD (Getting Things Done) method, FacileThings organizes and manages daily tasks. You can reach maximum productivity without worry and stress with the GTD Method, which contains five steps that help you keep your mind free.

Users can kickstart their own GTD system with this app. Through the app, users will learn GTD habits and incorporate them into their daily routines. This app works on most mobile devices, so you can take it anywhere. The app also integrates with other top platforms, letting you import relevant tasks and info.

You can try it for free for 30 days. Subscriptions start at $12 a month, with discounts for multiple months.


The productivity app uses music to stimulate the brain. By doing so, it unlocks music’s potential to influence cognition. Efforts are made to validate the findings of the team with leading neuroscientists in auditory neuroscience.

Features include:

  • Boosts focus, meditation, and sleep
  • Designed to deliver noticeable results within 15 minutes
  • A better balance between work and life

You can download it for free. You can upgrade to Pro versions for $6.99

19. Freedom

Are you prone to procrastination? Don’t beat yourself up. It’s incredibly easy to procrastinate. However, you can minimize your smartphone usage and online browsing time by using Freedom.

Using it on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Chrome, you can sync all your settings across all your devices later on. It’s possible to block entire websites, apps, and create block lists, as well as schedule automatic block triggers using Freedom.

In addition to blocking Facebook, YouTube, and similar websites, this productivity tool can even block the entire Internet.

20. Krisp

Krisp noise canceling app has recently been introduced on the market as a communication tool. During a call, this AI-powered app removes all background noise in real-time and allows people to communicate clearly.

It is compatible with over 800 communication, conferencing, messaging, podcasting, and recording apps, as well as headphones, speakers, and microphones. Currently, Krisp is available for Mac and Windows.

There is no charge for up to 120 minutes of personal time per week. Monthly Pro plans start at $5.

21. Tweek

Tweek is a welcome cure for those overwhelmed by traditional to-do lists. Create tasks directly on this weekly agenda view, check them off, and drag them around with minimal effort. With Tweek’s completely rewritten mobile apps, you can now use them offline, and they sync with the website.

Tweek is available on the web, as well as iOS and Android.

22. Hypercontext

Hypercontext streamlines meetings, goals, and morale in one workflow to empower managers and their teams. Using the meeting agenda app, you can:

  • Build meetings agendas collaboratively
  • Access hundreds of conversation starters
  • Hold everyone accountable for sharing feedback.

In addition to exchanging feedback, documenting decisions, and tracking goals, it drives employee engagement.

You can choose from a free forever version, a Pro plan priced at $7/user/month, and a Business plan priced at $11/user/month. You can use the starter team pack for $5/month for the first five users if you have a small team of up to five.

23. MyFitness Pal

To perform at your best, you must be at your optimum health level. After all, if you’re tired and constantly feel like garbage, how can you be focused and energetic?

With MyFitnessPal, you can count calories easily and quickly. Additionally, you can access the world’s largest database of nutrition and calories for free.

Overall, with this app, you can lose weight and improve your eating habits.

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