What Makes a Successful Personal Brand? And How Do You Measure Up?

Success means different things for different people. However, it is always a process of self-actualization.

The process of branding allows you to become the person you were meant to be. Personal Branding makes you an active partner in fulfilling your destiny in business and in life.

Your financial success and celebrity status with your target audience are greatly influenced by how compelling your personal brand is.

Most would agree that success does not result from intelligence nor results alone. We’ve all seen brilliant people fade into mediocrity. Nor does it arise solely from great clothes, effective people skills or a good attitude.

True and lasting success depends on the totality of your personal brand. Your total brand is made up of these five essential elements which must be managed for long term success of your personal brand. They are:

  • your hidden brand image – your attitude, ability, self esteem
  • your assumed brand image – your reputation
  • your visual brand image – your packaging and appearance
  • your experienced brand image – your communication skills
  • your proven brand image – you over a period of time

The total “experience” a client has with you, your personal brand and your products or services will determine your success. The buying decisions of clients are based on value and image. However, attaining and maintaining a good image can’t be an end in itself.

The first rule of effective personal branding is not just to look good, but also to be good. Every organization, regardless of size is challenged to remain differentiated, significant and relevant.

True and lasting success depends on the totality of your personal brand.

That’s why ensuring your brand embodies the following traits is essential.

The 13 Winning Qualities of a Successful Personal Brand.

Effective people self-market for career reasons to increase name recognition, build a reputation, help promote their employer, get new clients and gain a prestigious social standing, allowing them to further their beliefs.

Establishing a well known name and a public reputation allows you to take advantage of our culture’s obsession with fame and celebrity.

You need to approach your brand in terms of differentiation. In other words, standing out from the crowd and marketability – that is, providing other people what they want or need.

Personal branding allows you to gain a competitive edge and …

Why should someone choose your brand?

The successful personal brand has the right mix of confidence, passion, like-ability, determination, and focus.

As tangible differences in actual services and products diminish, the client perception of an organization and their product or services has now become the key market place differentiator. Increasingly, your branding and brand awareness become essential to your personal success.

When you look at successful business leaders, you realize that each has a self-purpose, a call to action and a desire to win.

Rachel Quilty

So let’s look at thirteen qualities consistently found in the most successful people on the planet. These qualities are:

  • being committed
  • being passionate
  • being courageous
  • being comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • keeping your eye on the big picture
  • keeping the right company
  • keeping a conscious leader mindset
  • keeping your faith
  • maintaining a great attitude
  • maintaining a prophetic stance
  • maintaining a disciplined approach
  • maintaining a continuous improvement program
  • maintaining a healthy attitude about change

Model yourself on these attributes.

“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”

Jim Rohn

Are you:
• struggling to position your personal brand and build credibility?
• struggling to gain brand awareness which means less market share?
• struggling with constantly justifying your prices and/ or charges to clients?

Not living up to your potential?

” Your personal brand should reflect your abilities and potential.”, says, Rachel Quilty, Personal Brand Strategist & Chief Dream-caster at Jump the Q.

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